CANADA: Pure Wrestling Association 8/19 Bradford, ON results

Posted on 8/25/117 by Steven Ashe

Pure Wrestling Association
Carrot Cup
August 19th, 2017
Bradford, Ontario

Free Morning Event

Clay Wilson and Matt Squash def. Rex Atkins and EZE
EZE def. Rex Atkins
Joey Valentine def. Joey Allen
Kaitlin Diemond def. Leah Vaughan

6:30pm Main Event

Barbarians def. Joey Allen/Jimmy King
Pop Tarts Jesse Bieber/Lenny Lilac def. Reggie Marly/Rex
TNT def. Joey Valentine
Kaitlin Diemond def. Matt Squash
Matt and Mike Hart def. Jeff Black and Corey Spade
EZE Eric Cairnie def. Josh Alexander
Barbarians def. Pop Tarts Jesse Bieber/Lenny Lilac to win
the Carrot Cup
Harry Smith def. Renee Dupree

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