CANADA: Pro Wrestling Eclipse returns to Oshawa, ON on May 20

Posted on 5/19/117 by Steven Ashe

On May 20th Pro Wrestling Eclipse will host a Celebration of
Cody Deaner becoming Champion.

With women's wrestling coming to the forefront recently,
Pro Wrestling Eclipse has had to follow. Back on February
19, Vanessa Kraven became the new Pro Wrestling Eclipse
Flame Champion defeating several women in a tournament
including Leah Vaughan who requested a rematch.

The same night Xandra Bale won a number 1 contenders match
On March 12th Xandra and Leah battled to see who should be
considered the next Challenger to face Kraven- with Leah
winning that match.

Prior to April 2nd, Former Flame Champion Stacy Thibault
declared that she was never pinned to lose the Flame
Championship and thus she demanded a match to prove her

On April 2nd Leah and Stacy fought to a draw- with Stacy
thinking that she had won. PWEclipse Flame Champion, has sat
back and watched all her competitors destroy each other
while awaiting her return to PWEclipse. On May 20th, the
Mountain returns to face Stacy and has this to say "Careful
what you wish for!"

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