CANADA: Northern Championship Wrestling returns to St. Therese, QU on October 22

Posted on 10/21/116 by Steven Ashe NCW 30 YEARS - October 22

Cultural and Community Center
120 Boulevard du Sminaire
St. Therese, Quebec
7:30 p.m. (Doors - 19h)
$ 15 and $ 5 (12 and under)

MAIN BATTLE - by Team Championship

Heavy Metal Chaos vs. Chakal and Franky The Mobster

Every time we think Soprano defeated, he released his sleeve
AS. This time, he came through against the Royal Flush.Not
only during crisis of October he unveiled his new "Approved
Soprano!" in the person of Chakal (an alliance that could
have predicted a year ago) but it has also contracted for
the 30th anniversary, Franky The Mobster. A final awaits
fans on 22 October while qu'Heavy Metal Chaos could see
their reign ended before reaching a year! At least that's
what Joey Soprano strongly desired!
NCW Femmes Fatales Championship

Stefany Sinclair acc. Joey Soprano vs. Julie the Red Fuxx

NCW Femmes Fatales Champion facing the first Women's
Champion NCW. A game that many have only seen on a card full
of "If ...." and "It would have been cool ...". On October
22, the past meets the present permanently in a fight
between two of the best wrestlers to be mounted in the ring
of the NCW. For those who believe Stefany Sinclair had to
dominate easily inactivity rather long Red Fuxx, remember
that it recently just bought his black belt in kickboxing.
Tables fight

Electrico vs. William Brady acc. OZ

Since Challengemania, William Brady has one thing in mind
and has to get hold of the Quebec Championship if he came
ready to acquire. There have no doubt that he is THE top guy
of the NCW and whoever looks at his record since
Challengemania could hardly say otherwise. It is dominant
and constant. By cons, one obstacle stands in his way
constantly, a natural force that goes to the same
destination: Electrico. The final turning point in their
saga was during October Crisis when William Brady attempted
to send Eddy Erdogan in a table. Electrico came to the
rescue and sent Brady instead in this table. Not once, but
twice in a table that has refused to break. At the 30th
Anniversary, we may finally will know who the real
challenger to Quebec Championship held by Scott Parker.
Brad & Alekxis ??? vs. Alex Price and Carl Leduc

When Jeff Racette announced Brad Alekxis he would face not
only Carl Leduc but also to Alex Price at the 30th
anniversary, the kayfabe Breaker has never looked pale. And
with good reason! Not only will the dealer with madness of
Leduc Price but, like Brad, do not play by the rules and it
is its reputation above all. Racette played big with this
choice of action. Your move, Mr. Alekxis!
# 1 contender Inter-Cities Championship

Rumble 30th Anniversary

This is the 30th Anniversary of the NCW and the past and
present collide with each other to determine who will win a
chance at the Inter-Cities Championship held by Urban Miles.
Several wrestlers in this fight have already held the title
and would like to lay hands on it. But to do this they will
pass through 24 other wrestlers from different eras of the

Inter-Cities Championship

Urban Miles acc. George Peyton vs. winner Rumble

Urban Miles hold the title for several months and it seems
to have fallen into a comfort zone where he believes he can
decide when and where he will defend his title. Regarding
the 30th Anniversary, management has come to an agreement
with the Champion. Maybe he think anyone's face will be too
tired to defeat or perhaps is it just too confident in his

NCW Hall of Fame - Class of 2016

Induction Anna Minoushka Hall of Fame!

NCW Hall of Fame - Class of 2016

Enthronement of modern day warrior, Chakal Hall of Fame!

Champion Professional Quebecois Scott Parker will also be

And much more!

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