CANADA: King Of The Cage World Champion to make special Canadian Wrestling's Elite April appearance in Edmonton

Posted on 3/04/119 by Danny Warren

Canadian Wrestling's Elite has taken over Alberta since its
expansion west with some of its biggest touring markets
right in the storied wrestling province and things really
get taken up a notch when CWE moves from the outskirts
directly into the city of Edmonton for the first time ever
on Saturday, April 6th!

Not only is CWE debuting in The City Of Champions with the
debut of wrestling champions from the city of Edmonton, it
will now also feature a special first time professional
wrestling appearance of MMA World Champion & Edmonton
native, Jarid Bussemakers!

Yes, that is right! The current King Of The Cage
Welterweight Champion will be in the building on April 6th
and appearing on the event in a special guest capacity and
role to be determined!

The 6'2", 205lbs 2nd degree black belt in ju jitsu is
currently also a heavyweight submission grappling champion,
and all around one of the most feared fighters in the

Big or small, Jarid Bussemakers has fought them all... and
won and for reasons we are soon to find out he will be on
hand for CWE's debut event in Edmonton, Alberta on April 6th
a part of CWE's 10th Anniversary Tour headlined by Lucha
Libre legend Psicosis.

One of the most dangerous men to ever step foot in a cage
will step into a professional wrestling ring with the
toughest men who do that on a regular basis in the same
building that night and it wouldn't be professional
wrestling if someone's ego in the locker room didn't take
exception to Jarid Bussemakers special appearance on April
6th!For full event information visit

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