CANADA: Canadian Wrestling's Elite returns to Calgary, MB on August 13

Posted on 8/06/120 by Danny Warren

TNA/Stampede Wrestling Alumni Honey Badger Johnny Devine
vs. Tasty Travis Cole Canadian Wrestlings Elite returns to Alberta for the first
time since November with the three event Cruel Summer Tour
and it is being kicked off in a big, big way on night one in

After a near two year hiatus from CWE Tasty Travis Cole is
back and due to his impressive success in the region outside
of CWE he will get the opportunity to main event his
hometown against a bonafide Calgary wrestling legend, Honey
Badger Johnny Devine!

This will be a first time encounter pitting Calgarys
hottest wrestling star of the century making a rare Calgary
wrestling appearance in Johnny Devine against a man now
headlining in main events on a regular basis in the regional
heavyweight championship picture in Travis Cole.

Breaking in with Stampede Wrestling in the late 90s after
surviving and completing training in the infamous Hart
Dungeon, Johnny Devine would quickly go on to be the hottest
and most popular star for the iconic company during its last
real recognized run on a major level before leaving Calgary
to become a mainstream wrestling star and champion.

The man known as Tasty, a graduate of the Storm Wrestling
Academy, learned the sport under Lance Storm, also a
graduate of the Hart Family training regimen making for two
men with similar backgrounds and upbringings in the business
which should translate into a hard hitting Stampede
Wrestling style classic!

The original Hotshot, Johnny Devine is returning to CWE on
a more permanent basis in the fall on The Extreme
Consequences Tour in what he has deemed the resurrection of
Johnny Devine.

The once touted best technicians on the planet was forced
away from the business he loved and thrived in on a full
time basis leaving the destined for greatness, years ahead
of his time junior heavyweight star with more questions than
closure when it appeared his career may be coming to end.

Not one to live with what ifs in his life, Johnny Devine
has trained to get back to the level he earned the respect
of the industry in years ago as he looks to see if he still
has what it takes to be on top. That will truly be tested
against one of the highest ranked stars in the region in
Travis Cole.

Although a completely different story, it is the same road
of redemption Travis Cole will travel on come August 13th as
he makes an earlier than expected return to Canadian
Wrestlings Elite, originally scheduled for October.

After years of being one of the most active wrestlers in
CWE, Tasty had to taste what life outside of CWE was like
and if he could shake the position he appeared to be locked
in on CWE cards.

Betting on himself, Travis Cole hit the road and has
appeared for top regional organizations across Manitoba,
Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia and with great

The ability to be himself and without the pressure of being
who he felt he needed to be has resulted in a much more
outgoing and fun Travis Cole than we used to see in CWE and
as a result not only has it come with multiple championships
reigns for various promotions but a very big fan following
throughout the country.

Two men with very different pasts and purposes but with the
same goal will lock up in Calgary on August 13th as two
generations of Calgary wrestling collide!

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