CANADA: Barrie Wrestling returns to Barrie, ON on August 12

Posted on 8/12/117 by Steven Ashe

Saturday August 12.
Scorch The Earth.
6 matches.
6 rewards for winning.
Doors open 4:30 pm/Bell time 5pm!

We announced a month ago that we had signed our first long
term contract with a top talent on the Ontario Indy scene.
This person is no stranger to Barrie Wrestling, but should
have been here way more than they were. On August 12 we will
announce who it is, how long the contract is for and when
they will start.

Scorch The Earth? That's the plan.

Doors open 4:30pm/Bell time 5pm

1. John Greed vs RJ City

2. Freddie Mercurio vs Vaughn Vertigo

3. Sebastian Suave vs Tarik

4. Gabriel Fuerza vs Holden Albright

5. Three Pistols Champion Rage open challenge

6. Patient 705 and Lily will be VIP

7. Who is our first long term contract talent? Look for news on Barrie Wrestling being at the Barrie Game
Exchange Sunday August 13 and September 9 Back 2 School 4

Tickets for August 12 are now on sale at
Icebox Cards and Collectibles in Kozlov Mall
OMG Games at 130 Bell Farm road
Craft Auto Repair Services at 17 Gowan street

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