Bully Ray Thinks Adam Page Shouldn’t Win AEW World Title At Full Gear

Bully Ray Discusses The Importance Of Veterans In Womens Royal Rumble Match

During a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray explained how the veterans in the womens Royal Rumble match can make talent such as Bianca Belair look good.

Several returning stars will be in the match such as The Bella Twins, Lita, Kelly Kelly, and more.

If Im the WWE, if Im a producer on this match and I know I have we just mentioned Mickie and Lita. Should Mickie or Lita win the womens Royal Rumble? No, it has to be one of the homegrown talents.

It has to be one of the women there but what are Mickie James and Lita that a lot of the younger women in the WWE are not? And some of the older women also. Theyre leaders, theyre leaders in that ring.

Im leaving a Lita and a Mickie James in there with a Bianca Belair and a Liv Morgan deep into the Rumble so that the fans are completely invested. Im sure there are gonna be plenty of fans there who would love to see a Mickie James win, love to see a Lita win just as much as theyd like to see a Bianca Belair or a Liv Morgan. Leave the veterans in with the young talent.

Keep it wide open where anything can happen but allow those veteran women to help guide the younger women deep into the rumble, so it just doesnt look like a big choreographed battle royale as opposed to a true fight to throw that other woman over the top rope and get your shot at the womens world champion at WrestleMania.

H/T to SEScoops for the transcript

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