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Bryan Danielson Texted Tony Khan Saying AEW ALL OUT Was The Most Incredible PPV He’d Ever Seen

AEW superstar Bryan Danielson recently appeared on the Rasslin with Brandon Walker program to discuss a number of different topics, including his thoughts on the ALL OUT pay per view from earlier this month, the same show he made his debut at for the promotion. That and more can be found in the highlights below.

On his debut in AEW happening right after Adam Cole’s debut:

“I think it was pretty cool. Tony Khan mentioned it to me and I thought like, ‘Are you sure you don’t want to space it out?’ He explained his reasons for doing it and I thought, ‘I’ve never seen anything done like that before.”

Says he texted Tony Khan with high praise about AEW ALL OUT:

“I wasn’t able to watch all of it that night because I was hidden in the trailer, the feed wasn’t very good, people were coming in and saying ‘hi.’ I watched it back either Monday or Tuesday, and I texted Tony and said, ‘That is the most incredible pay-per-view I’ve ever seen.’ I’ve been watching wrestling for a long time and the reason why is, it was an incredible event in itself, if you just saw it as it was, ‘Woah, what an incredible event,’ but it also made you look forward to the future so much. I texted [Tony] and said, ‘that was just such a well put together pay-per-view. I’ve never seen anything like it.'”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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