Bryan Danielson Issues Statement Following First Match At AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam, Thanks The “Incredible” New York Fans

Bryan Danielson Insists Hes Not A Heel

On last weeks episode of AEW Dynamite, Bryan Danielson seemingly started his heel turn now that he is in a feud with AEW World Champion Adam Page.

Its been a few years since Danielson has been a heel and some fans were excited to see him portray a bad guy again, but he made it known that he doesnt consider himself a heel. Here is what he had to say about it during an appearance on Busted Open Radio:

So, I dont know what people are talking about. I thought the people of Virginia were giving me a really tough time. I dont think anything I said was wrong or even mean to say, Hey, congratulations Hangman Adam Page. You are the world champion, Im a little disappointed its not Kenny Omega because thats who I wanted to beat for the AEW Championship.

And Im a little disappointed that youre not wrestling tonight and that you havent been wrestling that much and Ive been wrestling every single week since Ive come to AEW.

I dont think any of that is overtly mean [laughs]. I think because people boo me, and Im not gonna lie I do enjoy being booed. Theres something just so fun about it [laughs]. So, I might lean into that a little bit more but there was nothing I said that was wrong or mean or anything like that. Now, because of that Im gonna kick all of his friends heads in but I think I would be doing that anyway. I dont consider it a heel turn. Im just being me.

H/T to SEScoops for the transcript

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