Bruce Prichard Denies Rumor of Affair With Stephanie McMahon Started by Jerry Lawler

– During the latest edition of his Something to Wrestle podcast, Bruce Prichard was asked about the rumors of an affair with Stephanie McMahon. The initial claim was made by Jerry Lawler when he was fired by WWE back in 2001. Lawler appeared on the Mancow radio show, and it was asked, “Hey, Stephanie McMahon is hot. Do you think she’s wild in the sack?” Lawler then responded during the show, “Well, that’s what Bruce Prichard told me.” As previously reported, Bruce Prichard recently started working for WWE again in a creative capacity.

Prichard on the rumor not going over well and firmly denying it: “No, it didn’t; not at all. And again, it was Jerry Lawler in a desperate place, and I think he was saying things to hurt people and stir s***. And he accomplished that. But when that affects me personally at home, and obviously, not true. The innuendo was that I had an affair with Stephanie. Not true. Never in any way, shape, or form. She was my boss, and it’s just unnecessary, mean-spirited, and bad judgement on his part.”

Prichard on what Lawler did when he put that rumor out: And to me, you’re just f***ing with people’s family. Hunter and Stephanie were together at the time, and I’m married with kids, with a mother-in-law who would scan and search my name from time to time or whatever. I don’t know how the hell she ever saw it or whatever, but yeah, you know.”

Prichard on if his wife called him about the rumor: “No. No, not at all. I called her when I heard about it. And I didn’t hear about it. Somebody came to me and told me about it. I didn’t hear it, obviously, but somebody came and told me. And I personally got a laugh out of it. … Immediately, you don’t think of the ramifications of it. You don’t think about how it affects all these other people. It’s just not cool. Not cool at all.”

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