Bruce Prichard Denies Claims That Torrie Wilson Had a Big Head in WWE

– Bruce Prichard discussed the reports that surrounded WWE in 2004 around WrestleMania 20 including Torrie Wilson’s alleged heat, Goldberg’s departure and more on the latest Something to Wrestle With. Highlights are below:

On WWE New York shutting down around that time: “To those of us on the creative team, it was a huge pain in the a**. Because we used to have to go do live Sunday Night Heats there. But the restaurant had become a drain on the company and I don’t think that it was put together and run really well at that time. So while it was nice to have and it was a great vanity project I think, to say ‘Hey, we had a restaurant in Times Square, Manhattan’ — pretty cool for a few years, but when you’re not making money out of that, it’s time to cut bait.”

On Goldberg’s departure at WrestleMania 20: “We went into it knowing that we would only have a year…’All right, he’s going to come in for a year.’ We would have liked for him to commit to more than that, so that we could do more with him and be able to get a return on that investment. However, as we got into it, it was clear — I think, on all sides — Goldberg didn’t really have any interest in being on the road and being a part of the company for any longer than what his contractual deal was. And that was for that one year. So he was approached, he was asked midway through. And you’ve gotta know a lot sooner than, you know, a few weeks before the show, ‘Are you in? Are you gonna stay?’ And Bill had no interest, he wasn’t interested in staying, and so we moved on. And it’s time to, ‘Okay, you’re gonna get what you can out of him.'”

On reports at the time that Torrie Wilson had heat because her second Playboy appearance had gone to her head: “Oh, that’s bulls**t, I think…I will say this, as far as Torrie Wilson goes, I can’t think of someone who was nicer, easier to deal with and a true professional in any sense of the word. She wasn’t a wrestler coming in, but she did the best that she could do to fulfill whatever we had asked her to do at that time. If it was like, ‘Hey Torrie, we need you to learn how to take a bump and go out and do this,’ she did it. She put the time in to learn, even though that was never her job description in WCW. When we brought her in, it was like, ‘Okay, we may do some things, if we do, we’ll train you and try and help you out. But as far as having a big head, I never witnessed that. She’s one of those that, like — she’s too sweet, she’s too nice. I never witnessed that from Torrie.”

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