Britt Baker Says Adam Cole Wouldn8217t Jump to AEW Just For Her

One of the big pieces of wrestling news today is Adam Cole’s contract status, and Britt Baker recently talked why if Cole jumps to AEW it wouldn’t just be for her. The Daily Star shared an interview from last month where Baker talked about her relationship with Cole and how they are in opposite companies between AEW and NXT.

It was reported today that Cole’s WWE contract expires this summer and that WWE officials were caught unawares by that fact. The contract is said to be up after SummerSlam. You can see highlights from Baker’s comments below:

On the idea of Adam Cole coming to AEW because of her: He has got to hold down the Tuesday night and Ill hold down the Wednesday night, right?! I think its funny when people say, He has to go to AEW because of Britt! because there are so many more people at AEW who have played a bigger role in the wrestling side of his life. People like The Young Bucks, Kenny [Omega]; he was in the Bullet Club for the majority of the Indie career people know him for. He has such a history in AEW that, if he came here, the storylines are endless – but hes happy where he is. So, if he were to jump ship and come my way, that would be awesome, but if he stays in WWE forever then Id be happy, too, as I just want him to be happy.

On talking with Cole about wrestling: There has to be [work talk], right? Its such a big part of our lives. I watch everything he does. I was out to dinner with Tony Schiavone and Rebel, and I had The Great American Bash on my phone at the dinner table, making sure I could watch his main event match. I dont miss anything of his and he doesnt miss anything of mine. Were just so supportive of each other. It doesnt matter where he works, where I work or where either of us end up, we just want success for one another.

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