Britt Baker On Her Rivalry and Match with Bea Priestley at Full Gear

– Britt Baker spoke with WPW Weekly for a new interview promoting her match with Bea Priestley at AEW Full Gear and more. Highlights and the full video are below:

On how she was contacted with AEW: “Well we all, everyone was kind of hearing the rumbles that something was coming. And you know, I heard the same thing that everyone else did on Twitter, ‘Oh maybe this is happening.’ And then eventually, the Bucks and Brandi and Cody, I was doing Ring of Honor shows at the time, not signed or anything, no contract in and out, Ring of Honor shows, and then I finally got a call from Brandi right around Christmas last year, saying, Hey, this is happening and we want you. So, what do we need to do to make this work? and it was really easy, like I mean I was nervous because my requirements were, I need to practice dentistry, and I went to school for 8 years and I could not sleep at night knowing that I just threw that degree out the window to you know live my professional wrestling dream every single week, but you know, so I always dreaded the day where I would have to pick and choose one of them and so I kind of just said, I dont want to have to give this up. And Brandi was awesome about it. And Tony was awesome and even to this day they are super understanding…. On Thursday mornings I take the first flight home from Dynamite, is straight to the dentist office. And they get me literally on the first flight from that airport.”

On how she balances her work and relationship with Adam Cole: “Well, so for his NXT schedule it actually works out because they are running on Wednesdays when we run on Wednesdays. Its sad, it sucks that we dont get to watch each other live, we dont get to be there for each other but as far as travelling wise it kind of works, we at least have the time at home together. Hes been having a lot of last minute, crazy opportunities come up, where he literally got called to Smackdown, the day of Smackdown…he was on the plane at 5:30 for an 8 o’clock show…so right now its been crazy, Ive seen him very minimally the last few days but, uh, it always works and we always make it work even if hes, you know, flying here to meet me or if Im flying there to meet him…We always always always make it work.”

On how they support each other: “I mean, I dont give him quite as much wrestling feedback as he does for me, uh, at this point in my career but…Hes absolutely the best, hes helped me more than anyone in my career to this day…with wrestling, with promos, with like lockerroom advice, with things that just come up that Im like, I need advice on. Hes been doing this for 11 years, so hes got it down. Hes one of the best in the world. And I say Im one of the luckiest girls in the world because like I have the best mentor possible right now and its one that genuinely cares and loves me and theyre going to tell me the truth and theyre going to tell me how it is whether I want to hear it or not.. Cause he wants to look out for me”

On how she’s preparing for her match with Bea Priestley: “This is going to be a battle. So its no secret, Bea gave me a concussion at our first time we ever stepped in the ring together. Beas first step in an AEW ring was Get in, Step, Step, Kick, Concussion to me. So, um, Youre trying to keep it as fan-friendly as possible right now, but theres definitely a little bad blood there and I just kind of, you know, put it all out there with the promo that we released last night and I really feel everything that I said in that. I was severely concussed to the point where I couldnt go to work for a week, I lost all peripheral vision on my left eye and there was, had to go see retinal specialists, neuro-ophthalmologists and I mean like… I had to go see specialists I didnt know existed and Im in the medical world. So you know, That was hard, that was like a physical and mental challenge, a little hill for me to overcome, and thats always in the back of your mind, well what if it happens again? What if it happens again? Granted I know were putting our bodies at risk every time we step into the ring but I just think it was very like, She didnt give a damn. To.. For lack of better words. And I dont think she cares about really anybody and anybodys wellbeing but herself.. So theres a way of being, you know, competitive and theres others that are just reckless. With that being said, Im definitely watching my back this weekend and she better watch hers too.”

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