Brie Bella Relieved That Cena Nikki Broke U

According to a new report, Brie Bella is “relieved” that Nikki Bella and John Cena have ended their relationship. PEOPLE Magazine reports that sources close to the sisters say that Brie is angry at Cena, but happy that Nikki will be able to be herself again.

On one level, Brie wants to kill him, sure. No one should be allowed to hurt her sister like this. But honestly, on another level, theres relief, a source told the site. Nikki was bending over backward to accommodate this guy and everyone, especially Brie, was worried that she was sacrificing way, way too much most of all, motherhood.

The source added that Nikki’s claims that she was willing to give up being a mother for Cena weren’t accurate, claiming, The things she said when she was with John that she didnt need to be a wife, or then that she didnt need to be a mom thats just not Nikki.”

The couple announced earlier this week that they were ending their engagement and relationship. PEOPLE’s source added, Theres some relief that at least Nikki can go forward and find someone who will really give her everything shes dreamed of. Because that guy isnt John. Never was.

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