Brian Myers Says He8217s Fallen in Love With Impact Wrestling, Only Works Three Days a Month Now

Fightful recently interviewed former WWE Superstar Brian Myers (aka Curt Hawkins), who discussed his WWE release in April 2020 as part of the pandemic cuts in April 2020 and signing with Impact Wrestling not long after. Below are some highlights.

Brian Myers on Tommy Dreamer calling him a week after he was fired to sign with Impact: “I want to say within the first week of the mass firing, Tommy Dreamer called me and gave me the hard pitch about IMPACT and Im glad he did. Cause Ive fallen in love with IMPACT. Its so fun and they just let me be me. Pro wrestling is art, you know? Theres no restrictions, really. Obviously I cant do whatever I want, but Im having fun and in almost a carefree setting for the first time in my career. No restrictions and just letting it all go. Its been such a freakin blast.”

On having more time to spend with his family: “I work three days a month. I cant beat it. That, and, too Ive spent all this time with my family, watching my kids grow up and Im literally only gone three days a month. Its the safest, best way to film that product. Obviously those three days we work hard and long hours getting all that content in, but Ive loved it. I love all the opportunities to talk, cut promos and stuff. Which I never really had a chance to do in WWE almost ever. So, its just been a blast. My friends are there. Gallows and Anderson, now Cardona, Swoggle, Ethan Page when they were there. So, Ive just had a blast. I dont have a complaint in the world about it, you know?”

Myers on how Impact has changed: “I think its a growing product that I know people have soured on over the years, but I think they need to tune back in and give it a chance. Cause its so different from, its so far fromno offense to the Dixie era, if you willbut its a completely different product, a completely different show. The womens division is incredible there. Theres a lot of talent there. Chris Bey and Jake Something. Theres guys there that I think are going to be big, big stars in this business.”

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