Bret Hart Doesn8217t See Himself as a 8216Wrestling Tragedy8217

– Bret Hart spoke with the Associated Press promoting the new wrestling documentary 350 Days, which has a one-night run tonight via Fathom Events. Highlights are below:

On his legacy in the business: I dont look at myself as a wrestling tragedy. I saved my money. Im not broken down. Ive got my share of injuries and hardships in wrestling. But Im no wrestling tragedy. I dont feel like I present myself like that. Unfortunately, there are a lot of wrestling tragedies and that does come across in the film. Its a very tough life. Its not a life for everybody.

On the rigors of the industry and the difference in today’s business: If I could have worked half as many days, I would have been a hundred times happier. That was the sacrifice that we all made and we all suffered through. Im not sure there was anything we could have changed about that. If todays wrestlers can have the money, they can get on a lighter schedule, Im all for it. Its important for the (WWE) to look after their talent a little better than they used to.

On living life being out of the spotlight: For the most part, a lot of wrestlers from that generation look back on their careers and probably a lot of them dont have much money. Or they never made a lot of money and dont have much left. They have their dignity. Im loving life just being Bret Hart. The Hitman part is kind of fading a bit.

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