Braun Strowman Reveals How He Came Up With His Name

– Braun Strowman did an interview with the Journal Sentinel in Milwaukee. In the interview, Strowman revealed how he came up with his name in WWE.

“We were coming down to a time crunch with my new character name, and everything that I had submitted either had legal issues or they didn’t like,” explained Strowman. “Randomly, SportsCenter was on at the WWE Performance Center, and they were talking about Ryan Braun and I was like, ‘Braun…brawn. That’s got a pretty good ring to it, and it fits me my build and everything. So, I pitched Braun. Originally it was Stoman and then we changed it to Strowman, and here we are. The rest is history. Ryan Braun is a big contributing factor to The Monster Among Men becoming a real-life character.”

Strowman was in Milwaukee this past weekend, throwing out the first pitch in the Brewers vs. Dodgers game.

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