Booker T Reveals Which Current Wrestling Star He8217d Build A New Promotion Around

In a recent edition of The Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T discussed a variety of topics, including his pick for which current wrestling star he’d build a new promotion around. Here are some of the highlights (via Wrestling Inc.):

Booker T on which current wrestling star he’d build a new promotion around: I have one guy that I could have as my right-hand man, and Im starting a big promotion, it would be AJ Styles. Just because AJ Styles has been around for a very long time. AJ Styles is a guy who had the in-ring career, but he was there watching it back when WCW was at its end. AJ Styles was a guy in that locker room back then, hes been a guy whos on this journey for a long time. Hes a guy thats well seasoned, gone all over the world. To have him affirm things for me would be very very important. Thats what I look for in trying to create a promotion, having guys like that around to be able to help me out.

On the evolution of Styles as an in-ring performer: I know I did stuff in the beginning of my career to get noticed. A lot of times it was for the guy I was working for, do something crazy to get the guy over. Ive understood it from that perspective but I was always learning on the job at the same time knowing I was trying to learn the psychology of whats going on. Being able to throw a good punch, being able to throw a good kick, being able to throw a nice forearm, the nicest chop I possibly could. AJ Styles, hes that same type of guy. Thats what I think is the difference between some of those guys that continue to do that stuff well into their career not understanding, man, Im here now, Ive got to work on the psychology side of the business. Thats what holds a lot of guys back once they finally make it to the mainstream roster.

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