Bobby Lashley Names His Dream NXT Opponent, Talks Working With Braun Strowman

Bobby Lashley spoke with Sportskeeda for a new interview discussing who he’d like to face out of NXT, working with Braun Strowman and more. The highlights are below:

Tyson Fury is a man who recently has transitioned into the WWE ring. If you could choose anyone from mainstream sports or any celebrity to get in the ring with for a giant WrestleMania match, who would you choose?

On working with Braun Strowman: “He is exactly as you see him. ‘BRAUN!’ He is loud, he is big, he is strong. Shoots guns, drinks beer. He is exactly his character, and he’s strong as hell. I actually enjoyed that segment, too, man. I enjoyed doing something with Braun because, to me, I look at him, and it’s a fight. I look in his face, I call him a b***h and he looks at me, he’s like, “Do you wanna fight?” I’m like, “Yeah, I wanna fight! It’s like, ‘YES!’ It’s like, ‘FINALLY someone that wants me to fight them! I can hit him as hard as I want to! I liked it. It was exciting. It’s good working with Braun, man. Braun is just one of those guys that, no matter what he does, he brings a lot to it.Kids see him come out, they go, “Oh, my God.” People see him come out and he’s this massive person, so I enjoyed it and I think the Arm Wrestling Match kind of set some records with the YouTube channel with WWE – so it was a cool experience.”

On his dream NXT opponent: “Lio! [laughs] Because, you know, there’s something there. There’s something there. Of course, Lio can’t just wrestle me by himself because I’m now contradicting everything that I said before but he needs a plan and ultimately he needs to execute that plan. Here’s the thing, there are a bunch of other people I don’t want to start pointing out different people because that will turn into a point of, “Oh! Bobby called him out,” and I don’t want that to be… I’m going to leave it with Lio. On the same token, I think this Survivor Series could turn out to be something really cool if they have the right teams. I would like to see the teams who compete. The RAW team, it’s like, who are you picking for the RAW team? Are you picking the guys that you know are going to win the match for you or are we back to, ‘Oh, this guy’s cool, he might be popular, he might make the match look cool.’ Then NXT and SmackDown, I don’t know how they’re going to put those matches together. I think it’s, ‘This looks cool, this looks cool.’ If they do that, it’s still going to work because we have a lot of people on each of the brands that it’s like, ‘Man, if this stuff goes down like it went down before, it would be cool.’ I wish we could build it up a little more because we haven’t had the chance to raid SmackDown or raid NXT, and I want to raid both of those. I want to get in the face of some of these guys and see what’s up! I’m interested in Survivor Series. They might need to do Survivor Series and then maybe a second Survivor Series because there might be a little bit too much to put into one show!”

On what sports or celebrity figure he’d like to have a WrestleMania match with: “Oh, man…Let me see, I have to try not to get myself in trouble completely. Because I want to say, Dan Bilzerian. You know what? It’s about… Somebody like him. If you get a hold of anyone in any profession and say, ‘Hey, do you want to you want to have a run in wrestling?’ Everyone would be like, ‘Yeah, absolutely!’ Including him. If it’s bringing somebody in that’s not in the wrestling business, I guess the person that has the most… I don’t want to say the biggest following, but kind of the biggest following. One of those guys, Logan Paul and KSI. Bring one of those guys over here, I’ll rip them apart if they wanted to. Boxers. Who’s that guy here? [Anthony] Joshua. Bring him in. Tyson Fury, he got a huge fan base. I mean, I don’t know if there’s one particular person. If there was one particular person, of course I would say The Rock. But he is from the wrestling business. I guess it’s whoever has the biggest fan base right now, so Dan Bilzerian, Rock, Anthony Joshua, KSI, Logan Paul. Anyone of those guys, I would be down for.”

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