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Kenny Omega Compares Pro-Wrestling To Theater, Talks Blending Styles and Pop Culture Into His Storytelling

AEW superstar and former world champion Kenny Omega recently spoke with Chris Dart of CBC Arts about a wide range of topics, most notably how the Cleaner views pro-wrestling as a form of performance art, and how he blends different styles and pop culture references into his in-ring storytelling. Highlights from the interview are below.

Compares professional wrestling to a night out at the theater:

I like to compare what I do to episodic television. But in a lot of cases, it can be like performance art, or a night out at the theatre I think that one of the beautiful things about professional wrestling is, depending on where you are and the audience youre performing for, it can be either/or.

How he has mixed different styles and other elements of pop-culture into his storytelling:

I had lost a lot in my personal life to wrestling. I wanted to make these connections both with the fans and my comrades [in] wrestling, right, my workmates. I didnt want to do them a disservice by going through all of this mental preparation, this physical preparation, just to have a match that isnt appreciated in the grand scheme of things. That was sort of the goal for me as a performer. How can I mix everything that Ive learned from the different styles that I know in wrestling, from the tapes that I studied, from the pop culture references, culture in general and media? How do I take all of these things and how do I become the best storyteller I can be?

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