Bianca Belair On Making Her WWE Main Roster Debut Without Fans, How Chadwick Boseman Inspired Her

In an interview with Metro UK, Bianca Belair discussed making her WWE main roster debut without fans, how the late Chadwick Boseman inspired her, and much more.

On making her WWE main roster debut with no fans: “You have to be honest to yourself, and say Yes I would have rather done it in front of thousands of people.” I tried to see a positive in it. I started at the Performance Center. I came here not knowing anything, and the Performance Center was my home. I actually met my husband at the Performance Center, so to be able to make my transition to Raw and debut at WrestleMania at the Performance Center alongside my husband, thats kind of the way that I looked at it to make the moment even more special to me.”

On creating The Culture Connection with Montez Ford: “I have a huge responsibility with the platform I have. You can use it in a positive way or a negative way, however you want to use it but I really just want to take the responsibility of always trying to use my platform in a powerful, positive and inspiring way. Sometimes people, they want to do something but they dont know where to start. This is just a starting point. A way to not react and actually do positive activism, and really connect everyone. Thats one of most important things, really connecting everyone. If you can get some understanding and have sympathy and empathy, theres so much knowledge out there it just needs to be shared.”

On following the example set by Chadwick Boseman: “Hed done so much. It shouldnt be over for him yet! He had so much more potential to do more stuff, but I am just thankful for the way he used his voice, the way he used the platform and influence he had on everyone.”

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