Ben Carter Reveals How Britt Baker Helped Him Land With AEW, His AEW Dark Match With Ricky Starks

In an interview on The Wrestling Inc Daily, Ben Carter, who is set to face Scorpio Sky tonight on Late Night Dynamite, discussed how Britt Baker helped him land with AEW, his debut match against Ricky Starks on AEW Dark, and much more. Here are some of the highlights:

Ben Carter on how we got connected with Tony Khan and AEW: “So it was kind of weird. It kind of just came out with nowhere. I think I did the GCW Jersey Shore show in late July, and it was actually Britt Baker who had like, she said she was like bored in quarantine and was checking out the GCW show. She’s seen some of my stuff on Twitter and was obviously watching the show, and she followed me on my social media. And apparently she had been like, ‘Oh, wow. This guy’s pretty good. Let me show Tony Khan his stuff.’ She literally showed Tony Khan, and Tony Khan was like, ‘yeah, let’s bring him in.’ And then I got a message from Christopher Daniels on Twitter a few days later, and I was like, ‘what the hell?’ It was very much like, ‘I literally can’t believe it.’ Like I’m trying to pinch myself, so it all happened just completely out of the blue. I’ve really got Britt Baker to thank for a lot of it, and obviously, I’m a huge fan of hers to begin with. So it was very cool that would end up being the case.”

On his AEW Dark match with Ricky Starks drawing rave reviews: “Considering the circumstances, yes, I was very nervous, but I was surprisingly calm because I knew if I just went out there and nothing went wrong, then I know I’ll be in a good spot because I have faith in my ability. But Britt Baker was like, ‘hey, you can’t make me look bad now.’ I was like, ‘alright, god damn it. I’ll try not to, no pressure,’ but I kind of learned from my experience that I guess I kind of thrive off the pressure. Luckily, I didn’t fold, and I had a good showing, so I was really happy with it.”

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