Becky on Cashing in Her Briefcase Tonight

– Speaking to Planeta Wrestling, Becky Lynch discussed this weekends Money in the Bank. Below are some highlights (transcript via

Becky on the womens revolution: “Making history again! I think the possibilities are endless because now we have the option – maybe there’ll be a Tables Ladders and Chars (TLC) match, maybe we’ll see a women’s Royal Rumble. And now with this tournament we’re seeing on the WWE Network, that means, one, maybe there’ll be women’s Tag Titles – we’re really scratching the surface on what we can do right now and it’s really exciting to be a fan of WWE in general, but especially of women’s wrestling.”

Becky on if she will cash her briefcase on the same night of the event: “Certainly if Lana wins the championship, I will definitely be cashing that in because there’s no way I’m letting Lana be the champion of our division. But it depends, it depends on how hard that ladder match is. I’m not expecting a cakewalk. Ladder matches are heavy and solid and people get hurt in them. So we’re going to have to see how I feel once I win.”

On being in her first ladder match: “No, I’ve never been in a ladder match before. This is intimidating and it’s daunting but I enjoy the pressure and the challenge. I love it.”

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