Becky Lynch Says the McMahons Are Killing What She Built

– Becky Lynch took to Twitter to comment on her feud with the McMahons over her suspension ahead of an appearance in Houston. Lynch appeared at a Cricket Wireless store in the host city for Elimination Chamber, and you can see pics and video below from the event.

Lynch told reporter Chamber Edsitty of ABC13 Houston about Charlotte Flair, “She’s another chosen one, right? She’s another chosen one, just like Charlotte’s a chosen one. Right now we’re looking at the two of them being able to warm themselves on the fire I lit, right? People care about the match at WrestleMania because I made them care. People care about Ronda Rousey more than they ever have because they want to see me kick her ass.”

Meanwhile, Lynch said of the McMahons in her Twitter post:

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