Becky Lynch Reveals That Dusty Rhodes Kept Her From Getting Fired From WWE

Earlier this month, Becky Lynch revealed that she was almost fired from WWE only a few weeks before she made her NXT debut in June 2014. In an interview with ESPN, she revealed that it was Dusty Rhodes who saved her job and supported her backstage. Here are highlights:

On what she remembers about her tryout: “I remember going in without a doubt in my mind that there was just no way I wasn’t walking out of there without a contract. Just no way, no how. I remember walking in and sizing everybody up and being like, ‘okay I’m ready.’ But it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter who was there. It didn’t matter if you had the world’s most elite athletes and freakin’ Victoria’s Secret models or whoever they were looking for at the time, I was getting it. I remember a lot of people dropping out during the drills. And I remember going, ‘How? How do you do that? You’ve got one chance. This is the one chance.’ No matter what, I was never gonna stop, I was never gonna give up and I was never gonna show them that I was tired. Ever.”

On how she approached her time in NXT: “When I first came over to WWE, so full of hopes and dreams but I mean, also I had to build myself up again from scratch. People had known of me from before from the time I spent on the independent circuit and I didn’t want to come in acting like I was full of bravado because I hadn’t wrestled in seven years. And so it was really a rebuild from scratch. I really downplayed myself to a fault. Like I acted like I didn’t know anything, whereas I did and then it was a complete mind game. I had messed with my own head so much that I could barely do a lockup anymore. I would just overcomplicate everything, overthink everything. And it was just me vs. me, really. And I know I was on the chopping block a lot and I know if it wasn’t for Dusty Rhodes really believing in me and encouraging me and my wild promos that I would do on Wednesday nights, I don’t know that I’d still be here.”

If using any of the quotes, please credit ESPN with an h/t to 411mania.

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