Becky Lynch Has No Plans To Go After The Universal Title

– Becky Lynch recently spoke to Ringside Fest about possibly challenging for the Universal Title and more. Highlights are below.

On Lack Of Sleep: “I probably slept more, but I drank less coffee and I like coffee. I don’t get tired, I get caffeine deficient.”

On Going After The Universal Title: “I don’t know that’s necessary. In my eyes, [The Raw Women’s Championship] is the top title in the company. I am the one who defends it the most and made it the most. There’s no doubt about it, it’s the top title in the company.”

On Getting Credit For Matches: “I have racked up classic after classic in the last few years, but I never get credit for it. It’s about time The Man gets credit. Nobody does what I do. Nobody goes out there and creates as much interest as I do. Nobody can cut promo or connect with the fans the way that I do. And nobody can steal the show like I steal the show! I had match of the year last year, I had match of the year this year, GIVE. THE MAN. SOME GODDAMN CREDIT!”

On Ronda Rousey Getting Credit For WrestleMania: “That’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m the one that generated all the interest. I’m the one who sparked the fire. From then on, I have been continuing to do that. I know she cut her finger off, or whatever excuse she was given that she can’t come back, but I’m here holding this title and will be here holding this title if she ever wants to comeback.”

If you use any of the quotes above, please give a h/t to 411Mania for the transcription.

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