Bayley Tells Bianca Belair to 8216Quite While You8217re Ahead8217 Following SmackDown

As previously reported, Bianca Belair and Bayley appeared to begin a feud last night on SmackDown while Bayley was at the commentary desk during Belair’s match with Natalya. Natalya ducked a strike from Belair, who ended up hitting Bayley. Later on, Belair kicked Natalya into Bayley, enabling Belair to get the pinfall and the victory. Later on, Belair and Bayley exchanged words via Twitter.

Bianca Belair initially tweeted, “I was here to fight The B.O.A.T. @NatbyNature tonight, but @itsBayleyWWE really tried it…GURLL UH UH… I’m the EST of WWE And YOU CAN’T WHOOP ME #ESTofWWE #Smackdown.”

Bayley later responded, “I was just there to hangout with my good friend @MichaelCole. I know you’re new but, don’t be stupid – quit while you’re ahead.”

Natalya wasn’t happy with Bayley either, who said the former champion was “done for.” Bayley later replied, “I was just there to hangout with my good friend @MichaelCole. I know youre a veteran but, dont be stupid Nattie Cat.” You can view those exchanges from social media below:

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