Bayley Recalls Going to Crazy Lengths to Meet WWE Stars, Idolizing Hardy Boys

– During her interview with Kristine Leahy for Fair Game, Bayley recalled some of her stories of going to great lengths to meet WWE stars when she was growing up. The Smackdown Women’s Champion revealed that she would drive hours to meet superstars, sometimes in the same day, and talked about how some of those stars have congratulated her on her own accomplishments. Highlights and the video are below:

On how far she went to get pictures with WWE stars: “I thought about that last night. I was on a show with Matt Hardy, and the Hardy Boys and Lita were my favorites growing up. As a teenager, their pictures were all over my walls. But there was one time, the Hardy Boys and Lita, they were tag champions and the Women’s Champion. They had an autograph signing at East Ridge Mall in San Jose, and I couldn’t afford the tickets. So I literally just went and stood at — they have a little awning over whatever, you go up the elevator and you could just stand there. It’s like a walkway. But I just stood there and stared at them for like three hours, but I never met them, I just stared. And I thought that was so weird. Now I think back, and now I’m on the show with Matt Hardy. It’s just — there’s a lot of stories like that.”

On talking with stars about how she grew up idolizing them: “Yeah, well, who is it? I wanna say, well Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton. Those three really stand out, and John Cena. There was one day where I went to Popeye’s Chicken in Oakland, California to meet Rey Mysterio … and on the on the same day I drove to San Francisco to an optometry place, an optometrist, [to meet] John Cena. So, I went and met Rey Mysterio in Oakland, and then two hours later or whatever, drove to San Francisco and met John Cena in the same day. I did that stuff all the time.”

On being congratulated by the people she grew up idolizing: “Kind of [it’s happened], yeah. Jeff Hardy, we were at WrestleMania, and he was congratulating Sasha and I on being the tag team champions. And I just couldn’t believe that one half of my favorite tag team was congratulating me for being a tag champion, and saying his daughter wanted to meet us, because his daughter loves us. I just can’t wrap my head things like around it. It’s just beautiful.”

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