Backstage Update on Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson 8216Absolutely8217 Signing New Contracts, WWE Not Looking to Lose Talent in 8216War8217 With AEW

As previously reported, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have been heavily rumored to have signed new deals with WWE. Yesterday’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio had more details on Gallows and Anderson re-upping with the promotion. According to Dave Meltzer’s latest update, Gallows and Anderson have “absolutely signed” to stay under the WWE banner.

Also, Meltzer commented on the situation being a part of WWE making big money offers to keep talent in WWE and likely away from AEW. He stated, “WWE is making even bigger offers than people think, and that was one of them. They don’t want to lose anyone. No one’s getting fired unless they have to. … WWE does not want to lose anyone right now.”

He went on to predict that knowing Vince McMahon, fans can expect a counter from WWE on AEW’s upcoming TV show, which debuts on TNT later this fall, and WWE will be looking to counter AEW’s every move. He continued on WWE vs. AEW, “It’s a war, and Vince gets interested in wars. So, he’s gonna fight, and they’re gonna have to fight back because if it’s a one-sided — if they just sit there and keep taking it, you know, they’ll be like every other promotion.

Additionally, Meltzer reports that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson got “really good” deals to stay in WWE. He noted that “everyone knows” that Gallows and Anderson had previously turned down contracts worth $500,000.

Earlier this week on Raw, Gallows and Anderson reformed The Club with AJ Styles after the main event to close out the show. Styles turned heel to rejoin The Club, and the group attacked US champ Ricochet.

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