Backstage Rumors on Jordan Omogbehin Becoming a Bodyguard on Raw, Why He Didn8217t Appear on NXT TV

As previously reported, Jordan Omogbehin returned to Raw last night, appearing as AJ Styles’ new bodyguard. Previously, he had appeared as the bouncer for Raw Underground. Dave Meltzer shared some backstage rumors regarding Omogbehin on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer stated based on what he’s heard from people who saw him work in the ring, he’s being presented in this bodyguard role because “he’s not that impressive when you watch him wrestle.” As a result, Meltzer noted that presenting Omogbehin in WWE is a “tricky thing.”

Meltzer added that he’s been told that Omogbehin “is very slow” when he gets inside the ring. Apparently, while he looks impressive standing on his own with a height of 7’3″, his matches in NXT reportedly have not been impressive.

Additionally, Meltzer discussed Omogbehin not appearing on NXT television and not being built up to get over with the NXT audience before transitioning to the main roster. This was reportedly due to officials fearing that he’d be “exposed” on NXT TV before hitting the main roster. Meltzer stated, “They didn’t want to expose him. They didn’t want anyone seeing him and seeing that he wasn’t that good on television before debuting him on the main roster.”

Jordan Omogbehin was signed by WWE back in 2018, and he worked a handful of house show matches for the NXT brand in 2019.

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