Backstage Rumor on Superstars Who Could be in Trouble on Raw Without Paul Heyman

– During today’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed WWE’s booking outlook changing on two certain Raw Superstars after Paul Heyman was replaced as Executive Director of Raw. According to Meltzer, he was told that two Superstars who were going to be in trouble after Heyman leaving his post would be Aleister Black and Andrade.

Per Meltzer, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon reportedly “doesn’t necessarily see a lot in them compared to what Heyman saw in them.” Case in point, Meltzer pointed out that Vega now appears to be breaking off from Angel Garza and Andrade to pursue a feud with Asuka. It was rumored in the past that Aleister Black and Andrade were two of the talents Heyman was high on and wanted to push and spotlight during his tenure as Raw Executive Director.

Meltzer speculated that Garza would likely go over Andrade if they were to feud, and it would leave Andrade lost as a talent in WWE, since he would no longer have a manager with Zelina Vega being pushed as a wrestler now. It was rumored earlier this summer that Vince McMahon was very high on Garza and sees a lot of potential in him.

As previously reported, WWE removed Heyman from his post as Raw Executive Director in June, and he was kept under contract as an onscreen talent. Heyman recently turned to WWE programming as the onscreen manager for current WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns.

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