Backstage Rumor on Bray Wyatt Being Cleared From Medical Issues Before Release

As previously noted, WWE announced the release of former WWE and Universal champion Bray Wyatt yesterday, leaving many questions surrounding his release. It was later reported that Wyatt was informed by Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis that his release was due to budgetary reasons. Dave Meltzer reported on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio that Wyatt’s recent absence from WWE TV was due to “medical reasons,” and Wyatt was actually cleared from the medical issue shortly before his release.

Bray Wyatt’s last WWE match took place at WrestleMania 37 last April, where he lost to Bray Wyatt. He then made his last WWE TV appearance the following night on Raw in a Firefly FunHouse sketch. This raised many questions surrounding Wyatt’s absence for months, until his release was announced yesterday.

Alvarez and Meltzer also reported that Wyatt was actually slated to return before this news surfaced. Meltzer also stated that Wyatt had been out since April due to “medical reasons,” and Wyatt “had just gotten cleared.” After Wyatt was cleared to return, WWE reportedly evaluated Wyatt’s situation and then later informed him he was being cut for budgetary reasons.

Meltzer also noted that Wyatt was a big money contract talent for WWE, which is one possible reason WWE may have wanted to cut him from the roster. There are no other details on the medical issues Wyatt was dealing with before his release.

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