Backstage News on Rumored Match for Roman Reigns at Summerslam

As previously reported, it looked like WWE had changed course on a rumored Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan matchup for Summerslam 2019. Instead, WWE was likely to remove the match to let the story play out more. WrestleVotes indicated today that there were discussions last night about possibly adding Reigns vs. Buddy Murphy to this weekend’s Summerslam pay-per-view card.

Per the report from WrestleVotes, sources said the matchup hasn’t been decided on yet either way, but it’s still said to be a possibility for the upcoming event. During last night’s edition of Smackdown Live, Reigns beat a confession out of Murphy regarding the mystery attacker who has been out to get Reigns. This could be used to set up a possible matchup between the two.

Earlier today, Reigns wrote on Murphy on Twitter, “Man no doubt @WWE_Murphy is a stud! Great in the ring and I cant wait to introduce him to the Big Fight. But no matter how big a mans arms are. If I hit u first, youre guna take a seat. Big Arms Buddy was no exception. Ah Yessir.”

Also, Buddy Murphy posted his own tweet today saying that if Roman Reigns “wants to put his hands on me again, I have no problem stepping in the ring with him. Anywhere. And smile right in his face… AGAIN! #BestKeptSecret” You can check out those tweets below.

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