Awesome Kong Talks Potentially Facing Aja Kong In AEW

– Awesome Kong was a recent guest on Wrestling INC’s WINCLY podcast discussing her future in AEW and GLOW. Below are some highlights.

On Working In AEW: “Oh gosh. It’s exciting and I’m happy for my wrestling community that they’re working in a place that they love and that they feel heard. Everyone’s collaborating and putting the best product together to put out there. The wrestling fans feel like they’ve been heard and they’re getting the best product. Everyone’s happy and they can’t wait to see what’s gonna bloom.”

On Potentially Facing Aja Kong: “She’s the OG Kong and has so much experience. To be wrestling as long as she’s had, that’s a blessing in itself and is still so formidable. I would love to get in there and tangle with her like two wildebeest and give something the fans have been looking forward to for a long time. That’s something I really wanna give to people that have been wanting to see that.”

On GLOW Invading AEW: “I would vouch for anyone in the cast if they wanted to go out and work.Mums the word.”

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