Awesome Kong Hopes To Juggle Her Commitments To GLOW and AEW

In an interview with the Asbury Park Press, Awesome Kong spoke about her role in the Netflix series GLOW and her return to wrestling in AEW, as well as her hope to juggle her commitments to both. Here are highlights:

On the third season’s focus on the wear-and-tear of wrestling: “I thought they were spot-on, especially because I actually struggle with back injuries. So, when I read through my script it was (like it was) straight out of my diary.”

On balancing both jobs: “I think it’s possible, I think it’s very possible. We’re certainly going to try. AEW is very flexible, and they want to give the wrestling community what they want.”

On returning to play Awesome Kong again: It was strange to slip back into her skin and psyche because Kong is a totally different psyche from Kia. And I seriously was in my room the night before, praying on it that she would appear and that I would remember everything about her psyche to get to that place. “The reception was so breathtaking that my knees almost buckled. I almost didn’t make it to that ring because my legs turned to jelly. I love wrestling fans for that.”

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