AS I SEE IT September 6: Remembering three very different people

Posted on 9/06/121 by Bob Magee

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

It will be 22 years on September 8... the anniversary of
Brian Hildebrands passing after fighting a two year battle
against stomach and bowel cancer. There are few people
within wrestling who were held in such universally high
regard at the time of their passing. When people eulogized
Brian, the words they used werent the kind that social
obligation or courtesy often require. Lots of people become
posthumous heroes. But Brian was a real hero for the two
years of his fight, and was an inspiration to many within
wrestling for all the years her worked within the business
long before that.

The words used by all who knew him, worked with him, and
were fans of him, were deep and heartfelt, epitomized by
Mick Foley, when he said about Brian in his best-selling
book Mankind: Have A Nice Day: Brian brought out all the
better angels of our nature.

Back at the time of his death, it was said that there were
only two people in the entire wrestling business without
enemies: Brian Hildebrand and Owen Hart. Neither are with us
today. Brian was such a special person that he inspired
everyone who knew himwhether friends, family, fans, or co-
workers to frequently share our feelings on such a funny,
dedicated, committed individual who was and always will be
an inspiration to live each day of our lives to their
fullest and to follow our dreams, no matter how impossible
they may seem.

Then, there was Nathan Kehner, known by all in wrestling as
Nate Hatred, who died 2 years ago in a car accident. Hatred
was best known in the 2000s as part of the H8 Club with Nick
Gage, who were three times CZW Tag Team Champions in 2001,
2002, and 2004.

In gimmick, Hatred looked like the type of person you warn
your kids about, or becoming. The entrance to "Voodoo" by
Godsmack added to the whole illusion. But that couldn't be
farther from the truth. He was known as being very loyal.
After being out for years with a back injury, he came back,
working shows including the first Nick Gage Invitational in
May 2015, and always included Dewey Donovan, who managed H8
Club in CZW. He never forgot people. People knew it and
loved him for it. In a touching moment even on WWE's 205
Live, Drew Gulak wore "Hatred" on his wrist/arm tape and
made sure it was seen. He was also remembered at this
weekend's CZW Chris Ca$h Memorial Show and GCW's Nick Gage
Invitational shows.

But well beyond the psychopathic looking wrestler, Nate had
a second degree black belt, Kehner was a talented artist
and, believe it or not, studied tap and jazz dancing. As
seems to always be within wrestling, behind a monster, is a
very real human being, who won't be forgotten.

Finally, 2 years ago we lost Bobby Heenan, who died after a
15 year battle with throat cancer, and numerous other health
issues, including a reconstructive ja surgery 10 years ago
that largely, then entirely took away his legendary mouth.
But never his mind. Almost everyone who met him at fan
events reported that his head was still going at 100 miles
an hour, and was still trying to entertain fans of the
business he loved...only weeks before his passing.

For those of you who never got the chance to really hear
Heenan at his manager and as a has posted a lot of his best moments.
Your favorite social media app no doubt has as many or more.
Take the time today to check them out.

I have no doubt that his former partner from years of WWF TV
was waiting for him at the Gorilla position, before St.
Peter ever got a chance to do the paperwork. Imagine the
calls of the wrestling matches in Heaven right now.

Until next time....

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