AS I SEE IT 8/5: A wrestling hero, a week in Toronto and some guest thoughts

Posted on 8/05/119 by Bob Magee

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

In a weekend that saw two mass shootings in the United a El Paso, TX Walmart and a Dayton, OH
bar....there was one brief, shining moment.

Former independent wrestler Jeremy Ganger who wrestled as
Pitbull in the early 2000s for the Dayton based WAR
Wrestling, Heartland Wrestling Association and Rockstar Pro
Wrestling; has been credited as saving the lives of many
during the mass shooting in Dayton, OH on Saturday night,
which saw 9 dead and 27 injured.

Ganger was working as the bouncer for Ned Peppers in Dayton,
OH, and barred the shooter's path into the bar, where many
more would have been killed or injured.

A salute to the heroism of Ganger, without whom many would
not be alive this morning.

For those going north of the border (remember your passport)
this coming weekend for SummerSlam, there is the usual
treasure trove of independent wrestling for you to see

PLEASE make some time to see some of this action. I will
never understand until my dying moment why those who
complain the most about WWE refuse to check out options for
independent wrestling. Big Four weekends around WWE events
provide the best opportunity to see the best of independent
wrestling talent around. To me, if you have the option like
this to see good independent wrestling and don'
forfeit your right to bitch about WWE.

For those flying into Pearson International Airport, there's
the Union Pearson Express train line that will take you
directly into downtown Toronto. Information on the train is
available at

Many of the shows are being presented through/with the
cooperation of Ontario's Smash Wrestling at The Mid Town
Event Theatre (aka The MET) , 2492 Yonge Street, Toronto,
ON. Yonge Street is a main street in Toronto and has one of
TTC's (Toronto Transit Commission) main subway lines, the
YongeUniversitySpadina line running down it. Like US mass
transit, it's often crowded, so be patient. For travel
around Toronto, ask locals about how to get a PRESTO fare
card, since most mass transit requires exact change. For
transit information, the TTC website can be found at

Tickets can be purchased for most of the shows in Toronto
this week (with the exception of the Ring of Honor/CMLL,
Greektown Wrestling/International Wrestling Syndicate,
Demand Lucha, and Wrestling Union shows) at one spot, via
this link

SummerSlam week shows:

* August 7 Oriental Wrestling Entertainment The MET ,
2492 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON with a 4:00 pm bell time. The
show features STRONGHEARTS, Sky, CIMA, Christopher Daniels,
Rekka, Sammy Guevara

* August 7 Smash Vs Progress The MET, 2492 Yonge
Street, Toronto, ON with a 8:00 pm bell time. The show
features Team Smash (Idris Abraham, Joe Coleman, Sebastian
Suave and the RETURNING Daniel Garcia) take on Team Progress
(Chris Brookes, David Starr, Travis Banks and Paul Robinson)
and WALTER vs. Kevin Bennett, plus Psycho Mike, Trent Seven,
Jody Threat, Toni Storm

* August 8 wXw Ambition 11/ Progress Wrestling The
MET, 2492 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON with a 4:00 pm bell
time. The show features NXT UK Champion WALTER, Daisuke
Sekimoto, wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion Bobby Gunns,
wXw Shotgun Champion Emil Sitoci, wXw Tag Team Champions
Kyle Fletcher, Mark Davis, Timothy Thatcher, Yuki Ishikawa
and more

* August 8 Greektown Wrestling/IWS TV taping for RDS
310 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON with a 8:00 pm bell time.
The show features TDT joined by IWS Canadian Champion Kevin
Blanchard vs. Quebec legend Franky, Kobe Durst and Lil
Blay, Channing Decker takes on The Necro Butcher, RJ City
defending the Greektown Cup against Rhino.

* August 8- PROGRESS Wrestling The MET, 2492 Yonge Street,
Toronto, ON with a 8:00 pm bell time. The show features
WALTER vs Paul Robinson,David Starr/Jody Threat vs Chris
Brookes/Jordynne Grace, Dark Order vs Aussie Open vs The
Butcher & The Blade, and more...

* August 8 Wrestlers Union presents NEVER SAY NEVER at the
Tronzac Club, 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto ON with a 9:00 pm
bell time. The show features Anthony Kingdom James vs Kevin
Blackwood, Josh Alexander vs Albright , RJ City vs Space

* August 9 Westside Xtreme Wrestling The MET, 2492
Yonge Street, Toronto, ON with a 4:00 pm bell time. The show
features NXT UK Champion WALTER, Daisuke Sekimoto, Toni
Storm, Killer Kelly, and the Stronghearts.

* August 9 Ring of Honor Wrestling/CMLL Mattamy
Athletic Centre, 50 Carlton Street, Toronto, ON (the site of
Maple Leaf Gardens) with a 7:30 pm bell time. The show
features The Briscoes vs. Guerrillas of Destiny, Caristico,
Soberano Jr., Stuka, Jr. vs. Barbaro Cavernario, Hechicero
and Templario ROH Champion Matt Taven vs. Alex Shelley,
Rush vs. Dalton Castle, and more

* August 9 Destiny World Wrestling presents ICONS 2-
Anapilis Banquet Hall - 2185 Stavebank Road, Mississauga, ON
with a 8:30 pm bell time. The show features So Cal
Uncensored, OVE, Joey Ryan, Josh Alexander, and Rickey Shane

* August 9 Super Showdown VII The MET, 2492 Yonge
Street, Toronto, ON with a 8:00 pm bell time. WALTER and
Daisuke Sekmoto take on Tarik and Banks, LuFisto continues
her retirement tour when she takes on Jordynne Grace, Kevin
Bennett defends the Smash Wrestling Championship vs
'Speedball' Mike Bailey, Psycho Mike vs The Blade and more.

* August 10 The Summit The Mid Town Event Theatre (The
MET), 2492 Yonge St,, Toronto, ON with a 1:00 pm bell time.
This is an all-women's show jointly promoted by Smash
Wrestling, RISE, Femme Fatales, and SHIMMER Wrestling with
LuFisto, Shotzi Blackheart, Jordynne Grace, Mercedes
Martinez, Nicole Matthews

* August 10 Oriental Wrestling Entertainment The MET,
2492 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON with a 3:00 pm bell time. The
show features T-Hawk, El Lindaman, CIMA,Brandon Cutler,
"Psycho" Mike Rollins, and more. is an unsolicited guest comment...but one
suggested by longtime friend Ed Zohn (who worked as a ECW
local promoter and works with PWX Pro Wrestling in North
Carolina) from an online regular whose screen name is
Redneck Taz. It's directed more at anyone reading the blog
who works in the business, rather than we fans.

"...I've seen some wrestlers passing around the phrase
#wrestlerssupportwrestlers on their social media. And I'm
all for it. How about #wrestlerssupportwrestling as well?

How about some of the folks out there who get your panties
in a wad and get all puffed up and "shoot" your mouth off
about wrestling companies and promoters who (1) Did nothing
illegal; (2) Did nothing unduly "unfair" other than hurt
your feelings; (3) Chose not to select you to be a part of
their shows; or (4) Did not make negative comments about you
or yours in any way?

Perhaps it's time for the business to seriously consider
these incidents when "supporting" each other. Sure, some
promoters are the sh*ts and when someone shorts you, runs
off with the money, lies, cheats, and steals (RIP Eddie)
then fine, let others know. And if you're talking about the
fact that you had a difference of how your career was being
handled and where you were headed and you can discuss it in
a professional way (i.e. Cody Rhodes and Jon Moxley after
leaving WWE), then fine.

But when you stir sh*t the stick is the only thing that gets


Until next time...

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