AS I SEE IT 7/17: A light to curse the darkness...and thinking ahead

Posted on 7/17/117 by Bob Magee

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Hoosier Pro Wrestling held its 16th annual "Fill The
Shelves" show,canned food drive show at Aaron's Rent to
Own/Leasing Store parking lot in Columbus, IN. The event
collects food for regional shelters, and is done each July;
with another canned food drive done near the Holidays.

With the final drop offs done to The Love Chapel Food Bank,
Columbus, IN, which received 404 pounds of canned and
nonperishable food; and an additional 300 pounds donated to
Shiloh Baptist Church in Columbus, IN the final total
collected and donated was 704 pounds.

Why do I lead off this week mentioning that? Why not talk
about what Kurt Angle's "shocking revelation" will be
tonight? Why not join the speculation that it can be
anything from an "affair" with Dixie Carter (barf)....a
illegitimate child with some unknown party, speculated to be
Jason Jordan of American Alpha. Or the Austin Aries circus?
Or the cancellation of Talking Smack not because of
viewership...but because Vince didn't like its shoot nature
(aka "doesn't help the company's interests").

Besides the fact that each of these make me want to spew on
my computer screen...I do it because it's one more example
of what independent wrestling promotions do for their
communities (and something a helluva more positive for
wrestling than Vince's 1980s mindset and sudden decisions).

Indies get (sometimes with good reason) a bad reputation
when it comes to anything related to charities; case in
point a notorious promoter who announced a benefit for
autism, only to have scammed everyone concerned (and finally
getting criminal charges after the community would not let
the case rest).

Since some stores and websites (and QVC/HSN on TV) are doing
all sorts of Christmas in July sales...I guess it isn't too
soon for independent promotions to start thinking about what
they'll do during the Christmas/Hanukkah season to serve the
communities in which they operate.

All of you who read this blog know, during the 2016 holiday
season, I pushed, promoted, and nagged about independent
wrestling promotions giving back to their communities. In
this column, my site, and, as well as
elsewhere on social media, I listed 50 different independent
wrestling shows that featured collections for local food
pantries, Toys for Tots collections, donations to local
charities, and other charitable efforts. Many charity events
took place. Tens of thousands of dollars were raised.
Thousands of toys and canned/non-perishable food items were

For many of you who I've seen contribute in person, or
who've emailed me about their local independent promotion's
efforts, I always hear some version of: "it's not a big
deal...just my/our contribution".

With what we've seen this year is a darkness from Donald
Trump, from Islamist terrorism, and bigotry from those who
use God to justify their hatreds. So in a year like this,
anything one person or group does to be a candle to curse
the darkness is welcome.

I said it last year, and I'll say it again: I don't think
there's ever any "small thing" or "small part" when you help
others. There's a saying from Hillel the Elder, one of the
most famous figures in the history of Judaism: "If you save
one life, it is as if you've saved the world". In the same
way...if you touch one life, it is as if you've touched the

You never know what a individual kindness does for a person
being helped. To that person, a toy often isn't just a toy,
nor is a meal just a meal, nor is a warm coat just a warm

Instead, for that person, that gift is also a much bigger
sign that there is still kindness in the world. The foster
child, the child with cancer, their brother/sister who feels
lost when all attention is concentrated on the family member
in need, the suffering parent, or that one lonely soul...
they know someone cares. As a result of that one small act
of caring, that person may go on to touch another life or
lives in ways we can't ever hope to know. It doesn't take
away all their problems. But for a brief moment, they see
kindness from someone will likely never meet.

The fans and staff of dozens of wrestling promotions, and
all those who helped, by giving from California to New
Jersey, from British Columbia to Ontario, from Florida to
Iowa..they helped others share in the magic of the
season...and gave them a miracle.

So don't dismiss what you may have helped happen. Those acts
are more important than you think...and if you're a promoter
reading this, spending more time working on your tan then
making plans for the holidays for your promotion (or even
sooner) better time to start than now. While
the days are long, and the days are warm...start thinking
about different ways to bring warmth to your communities.

Until next time....

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