AS I SEE IT 6/12: Karma, combat sports, and a happy ending

Posted on 6/19/117 by Bob Magee

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Karma is defined:

In Hinduism and Buddhism: "action, seen as bringing upon
oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life
or in a reincarnation.

In theosophy: "the cosmic principle according to which each
person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according
to that person's deeds in the previous incarnation."

In the Urban Dictionary: "Getting what you give...if you do
evil things, you get bad karma (ergo, bad things happen). If
you're kindly and a good person, you'll get good karma
(ergo, good things will happen).

It seems that Mauro Ranallo got to cash in a truckload of
karma within a last week, as he got two major professional
combat sports opportunities.

Bellator signed longstanding MMA commentators Mike Goldberg
and Mauro Ranallo to multi-event broadcast agreements
beginning this weekend with the high-profile Bellator 180
PPV, live from Madison Square Garden featuring Chael Sonnen
vs. Wanderlei Silva. This sees Ranallo get back together
with Bellator President Scott Coker, when Coker ran

Then, with the stunning confirmation of the August 26 Floyd
Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight this past weekend, which
will be carried by Showtime Boxing; Mauro Ranallo had the
play-by-play gig for one of the highest profile combat
sports spectacles in the last decade....dropped into his

There is also a third opportunity coming for Ranallo, to be
announced Wednesday which he says will shock some. At this
point, God only knows what is coming up for him

This wave of good karma came after the situation where (and
spare me the legal statements drafted by WWE Legal which
supposedly came out of the mouths of John Layfield and Mauro
Ranallo claiming otherwise) Mauro Ranallo was the victim of
systemic workplace bullying by John Layfield, either on
Layfield's own, which would hardly be shocking, given the
longtime track record of Layfield bullying WWE in-ring and
out-of-ring talent....or at the behest (directly or
indirectly) of Vince McMahon. This triggered the major
depressive episode which has been well documented.

So I'm pleased for Ranallo, who by all appearances is and
always been a good person, ready to help others...especially
dealing with anxiety and depression issues, with his
openness about the issue and advocacy.

I wonder what John Layfield will be doing the evening of
August 26, though.

For those of you in central Indiana, if you'd like to create
some good karma (and feed some hungry people along the way),
Hoosier Pro Wrestling and Aaron's Sales and Service present
their 16th annual "Fill The Shelves" canned food drive show
to help local food banks. The event will take place in the
Aaron's parking lot, 2675 National Road, Columbus, IN.
Admission is free with six cans for food.

The show will feature 7 big matches, including 4 Hoosier Pro
Wrestling Title matches. Fans should bring their own lawn
chairs. No outside food or coolers allowed. Concessions and
wrestling merchandise will be available.

Until next time...

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