AS I SEE IT 3/4: Excitement about tweets, but meanwhile in the real world...

Posted on 3/04/119 by Bob Magee

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Tonight, Monday Night RAW comes to Philadelphia and the
Wells Fargo Center. It'll be the go-home RAW for Fastlane,
and by implication, the start of the home stretch of the
Road to Wrestlemania. What has been said to be the likely
main event for Wrestlemania (in some form), Ronda Rousey-
Becky Lynch-Charlotte Flair, HAS to be set up tonight. It
seems as though that's going to happen as Charlotte Flair is
going to RAW to be "awarded" (according to her) the RAW
Women's title.

The most obvious way to get there is to have Charlotte Flair
cut the promo, calling on Vince McMahon to "award" her the
belt. Becky Lynch hits the ring, gets the Disarmer on Flair,
and demands Vince puts her back in the main event at
Wrestlemania. He does nothing.

Meanwhile, Rousey also storms out, and demands the same of
Vince McMahon or says she'll "go home and make babies" (yes,
even use those words). Lynch says if Vince doesn't come out
now, she'll snap Flair's arm off and there'll be no main
event at all. Flair screams to sell Lynch "sinking in the
armbar". Vince comes out, agrees, then after Lynch lets go,
says "but you have to earn your way in by beating Charlotte
at Fastlane this Sunday". Go off the air.

Now that I'm done playing Bowdren The Booker (those under
40 check your Wrestling Observer newsletter archives to get
that reference...or Google it) it's time to get back to the
reality of the real world beyond wrestling fans.

In case everyone has forgotten despite Wrestlemania main
events many will enjoy, Vince McMahon and WWE are still
getting tsns of millions in blood money from a Saudi Arabian
regime that murders journalists and now has women's rights
activists on trial...who have been tortured physically and

Numerous US and UK sources reported yesterday that over a
dozen women's rights activists were arrested last May, just
before the a decades-long ban on women driving was ended.
According to the UK newspaper The Guardian, those activists
held have been accused of "undermining security and aiding
enemies of the state".

The Guardian report further states: "Those still detained
include Aziza al-Yousef, a retired professor at Riyadhs
King Saud University, and Loujain al-Hathloul who was held
in 2014 for more than 70 days for attempting to drive from
neighbouring United Arab Emirates to Saudi Arabia.

Some of those detained have faced sexual harassment and
torture during interrogation, rights groups and their family
members say. Several people with knowledge of their arrest
have told the Associated Press that some of the women
detained have been subjected to caning, electrocution and
others were also sexually assaulted.

In February a cross-party panel of three British MPs found
the female activists were being detained in cruel and
inhumane conditions that meet the threshold of torture under
both international and Saudi law."

So with all that, WWE is about to do another show this
spring in Saudi Arabia on May 3, and another on November 1.
They are carefully avoiding publicizing the show during
Wrestlemania season while mainstream media have their eyes
on WWE, and seem prepared to do so for as long as they
practically can.

But WWE wrestling fans didn't ignore what was going on last
year. According to numbers released from the latest WWE
quarterly report, it appears that as many as 50,000
subscribers may have cancelled subscriptions to WWE Network
as a result of Crown Jewel, after WWE went ahead with the
show following the torture/murder of Washington Post
contributor Jamal Khashoggi.

So in some part, the "historic women's main event" at
Wrestlemania seems designed to counteract the expected bad
publicity that will no doubt come from this spring's unnamed
May Saudi event, especially since no all women's WWE
Evolution PPV is scheduled for 2019 to provide what
Evolution did in 2018.

It helps a great deal that Becky Lynch is one of the
company's hottest acts and will presumably be included in
the Wrestlemania main event. This allows media to ignore the
reason that Lynch, Rousey, and Flair have been pushed so
heavily on WWE TV and PPV, are on the verge of this
Wrestlemania main event...and will not so coincidentally
provide that plausible deniability for WWE's $450 million
Saudi deal.

Instead of dealing with the bad public relations that have
already come from the blood money they've already taken
(helped by the unsurprising unwillingness of the current
Administration to intervene and prevent these shows from
taking place, even after the Khashoggi murder) WWE has
aggressively used social media to build the Lynch-Rousey-
Flair match, with Lynch's online personality (real or
ghostwritten) coming up with snarky tweet after snarky

Most recently, there's been a NSFW and occasionally kayfabe
breaking series of tweets back and forth between Lynch and
Rousey, Lynch and Flair, Rousey and Lynch. Some wrestling
sites have actually tried to speculate that WWE is upset
with how these tweets have "gone off script". Anyone who
buys that is probably moving their lips while reading this

If WWE doesn't want something on social media, it disappears
quickly. Just ask Corey Graves' soon to be ex-wife about
that. Every bit of this is approved ahead of time to be just
out of the ordinary and non-PG as can be...without going too
far. It's been rumored that Paul Heyman is heavily involved
in this whole process...which should explain a lot.

Meanwhile, the oil money keeps on rolling in...and rolling
in, and Vince McMahon happily deposits the checks, not
losing a moment's sleep, and fans are arguing about social
media posts.

Until next time...

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