AS I SEE IT 3/11: We want "real", but when we get it...

Posted on 3/11/119 by Bob Magee

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

For years and years, wrestling fans have complained about
overly scripted and corny promos and story lines. They've
screamed that they want the "realism" of the Attitude Era.

But when Ronda Rousey let loose with a by now well known
worked shoot profanity strewn promo on her website late last
week, the same fans screamed bloody Hell about her blowing

In it, Rousey brought up her heel turn at the Philadelphia
RAW where she warned Lynch that she was going to beat the
f#$@ out of [Lynch] for Lynch implying her husband was a
d#$k in their back and forth series of tweets. Rousey
claimed her promo went off script "They gave me other things
to say and I didnt f#@ing say it." and claimed she "is not
going to be acting anymore.. will be doing whatever the hell
[I want] and they can explain her actions however they
want... because f%#k* themeverybody, including the WWE

Reminding everyone that wrestling is scripted and not real,
she then had one final parting shot. None of these bitches
can f#@*ing touch me. The end.

Fans burned up every type of social media imaginable from
Friday on... going on and on trashing Rousey...which of
course is exactly what WWE, Rousey, Lynch, Flair and Vince
McMahon (and Paul Heyman, involved behind the scenes) hoped
they would do. The fans went on about blowing kayfabe and on
and on....again, making folks in Stamford smile. Folks, the
only thing missing in this carny is the trapeze act and the
clowns. The only difference is the way they're working you.
No cotton candy or clowns with this one, just
keyboards, cameras, and videos.

Even for wrestling purists who do know better who've been
screaming about kayfabe, they ought to go back and remember
how as far back as Johnny Valentine, who said "I can't
convince you wrestling is real, but I can convince you I
am"....this kind of thing has been said by people to get
over their characters. Then stop, relax and enjoy where this
is going next.

Last night gave us not the one on one match we've all
wanted, but the three way that Vince McMahon insisted
on...Ronda Rousey-Becky Lynch-Charlotte Flair, after
Charlotte Flair basically beat Becky Lynch all over the

As expected, Ronda Rousey came out to join the fun. But it
was simply to jump in, punch Charlotte Flair, and thus earn
the DQ win for Lynch. Way, way too cute...and the crowd
reaction wasn't what might have been expected. This is what
happens when WWE gets too cute with a finish and storyline.

So with all that regarding Rousey-Lynch-Flair... like I said
last week, save your REAL concern for the fact that while
this unique and entertaining storyline has gotten people
interested more than anything WWE has done recently, the
fact that WWE is going back to Saudi Arabia on May 3...and
is trying to keep it as quiet as possible to avoid the kind
of scrutiny it knows it will likely get eventually from
mainstream media, wrestling sites and bone logs and more,
but will do everything possible to avoid....all of that is
flying under the radar thus far. The news that 50,000
subscribers cancelled their WWE Network subscriptions in the
light of Crown Jewel makes that a bit more important.

Gotta close with this: I don't know about anyone else, but
if I ever see on person one of the mouth breathers who claim
on social media that Roman Reigns' leukemia is one giant
work by WWE to stop the unending booing of Reigns..I'm
punching their lights out...literally. Both of my parents
died from cancer or its effects. It's not fodder for some
keyboard warrior with a vendetta against Vince McMahon or
Dave Meltzer (who's been falsely accused of claiming it was)
to insist that that this is all some giant work.

Anyone who bothered to read the Wrestling Observer from a
week ago read a very detailed description of the types of
leukemia Reigns could possibly have, how it is very much
realistic for an athlete to be able to return, and that
Reigns' appearance didn't have to "look like a cancer

Meanwhile, in her infinite stupidity, Nia Jax tweeted an
attack on Meltzer for reporting this, even suggesting he was
guilty of a HIPAA violation. Anyone who thinks she wasn't
told to say this also thinks the Easter Bunny is hopping
down their block in 4 weeks or so. Meanwhile, Meltzer has
been making a living for 30 plus years with the WON...and
has a level of regard in his profession she never will in

Along with this, there are those on social media who seem to
live to hold Meltzer to a standard that would make it
impossible for any mainstream media member to talk about
politics, culture, sports, or damn near anything else in the
"real world". They've been picking hairs over him
questioning which oral medication Reigns was taking and thus
treating it as some sort of perverse "vindication" that
Meltzer is guilty of everything up to and including
kidnapping the Lindbergh baby.

What WWE is apparently too stupid to realize is that what
Meltzer put out information to discourage the idiotic
speculation toward WWE, not foster it. They ought to have
been thanking Meltzer, not attacking him. Those on social
media who engage in this are just plain stupid and

Until next time...

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