AS I SEE IT 2/18: Double or Nothing, tone deafness, and remembering a friend

Posted on 2/18/119 by Bob Magee

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

First, the week's good news. Double or Nothing, All Elite
Wrestling's first official PPV (second if you count ALL IN)
is a full sold out. The pre-sale sold out a week ago in
minutes, with some fans stuck in the ticket queue without
getting a chance at tickets. It then officially sold out in
four minutes as the handful of tickets sold to the general
public earlier today. The MGM Grand Garden Arena is set up
for 11,600 seats.

But even as wrestling fans claim they want alternatives to
WWE's product that are generally available, not stuck on
third tier cable/satellite or broadcast stations...some of
those same fans seem to find ways to dismiss what All Elite
Wrestling has achieved:

* When they can't get tickets, they claim that most of the
seats went to scalpers (only 2,000 did...a similar
percentage or less than most, if not all, major WWE
PPVs...just as ALL IN did).

*They claim that AEW "Is nothing but a t-shirt company". For
all practical purposes, the very same group of wrestlers ran
ALL IN already, so they know what went right and what went
wrong the first time, in terms of matches running
long...production issues..and so on.

*They attack it for "being run by wrestlers". There's an
independent that has produced some of the best quality
matches in North America over the last several years called
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla that is exactly that...,owned and
run by wrestlers.

That's just three of the slams I've seen on social media.

I know many fans are waiting on the long rumored TV deal.
One of the rumored suitors is Turner, with a potential for a
return to wrestling on WTBS. Once that is announced, it may
help to make what All Elite Wrestling ia achieving more real
and to force them to take it seriously. But it's maddening
to see WWE fanboys bitch out of one side of their mouth
about RAW, Smackdown and PPVs, but then dismiss any
alternative product with any number of excuses.

Then, the not so good news...storyline division. WWE is
continuing with its bumbling build to Wrestlemania and the
presumed main event of Ronda Rousey-Becky Lynch, in Vince
McMahon "suspending Lynch for 60 days" on lsst week's RAW
and substituting Charlotte Flair into the match.

Then, an angle was shot at a weekend house show where
Charlotte attacked Lynch's knee with a chair and "destroyed
it". Lynch repaid Flair (and Ronda Rousey for good measure)
the next night at Elimination Chamber pounding on both them
with her crutch

Fan reaction is exactly what you expect, from both those who
get its a storyline and those who don't. Ratings are well
below what they were a year ago especially for RAW, even for
weeks where there is no serious sports competition. People's
general disgust for this as well as the general direction of
storylines overall have to be playing a major part in this.

WWE seems to continue being tone deaf to fan complaints and
continues in the same direction trying to make Becky Lynch
some sort of combination of Stone Cold Steve Austin anti-
hero and Daniel Bryan underdog taking on the The
Authority/Mister McMahon all over again. There was
apparently a line that started at 6:00 pm SATURDAY night for
a meet and greet with Lynch before Elimination Chamber on
Sunday. But rather than ride Lynch's rise in popularity
organically, WWE insists on continuing on this direction
which is doing it no favors in live attendance or TV

A closing note in the real not so good news
department....thoughts and prayers go out to longtime
wrestling Philadelphia wrestling fan Jonathan Owen and his
extended family, who lost his mom, Ruth Owen, at age 79 last
week. Jon was seen at nearly every wrestling show in the
Philadelphia area in the 1980s and 1990s, along with his
faithful service dog, Corey; and was well known by nearly
name wrestler who made their way through the Philadelphia
Spectrum, Philadelphia Civic Center and other venues.

Ruth Owen was one of the kindest, sweetest women I've ever
met. She embodied what was once universally seen as
Christian values... love, dedication, and acceptance for
all, service to her God and to everyone, rather than much of
the political baggage that people have sadly come to
identify with the Christian tradition in recent years.

In lieu of flowers, the family has asked any donations be
sent to Urban Promise, 2401 Thatcher St., Wilmington, DE
19802. It's a Christian group that serves "urban youth
children and young adults.... with the skills necessary for
academic achievement, life management, personal growth and
servant leadership."

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