Arn Anderson On Why Roman Reigns Should8217ve Been A Heel From The Start In WWE, FTR vs. Brain Busters Dream Match

In a recent edition of ARN, Arn Anderson discussed the Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman pairing in WWE, what impresses him about FTR, who would win a dream match between FTR and the Brain Busters, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Arn Anderson on the Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman pairing in WWE: “I’ve said before, Roman should’ve been a heel from the first day the Shield were hired or utilized or whatever you wanna say by Hunter as his hit squad. [Roman] should’ve never been anything but that kickass, Samoan killing machine. That’s who he is. That’s how he’s gonna get even better than he is right now because he’s gonna be allowed to be himself. Putting words in his mouth and having him be something he’s not was a mistake with Roman. It’s crystal clear who he is and who he should’ve been from day one. Paul Heyman is also a guy, even though a lot of people in the industry now the curtain’s pulled back a little bit and they respect him as far as his ability to cut a promo and get you revved up for the upcoming match. Paul has a lot of skills and a lot of history and a lot of knowledge, and he’s very unlikeable as well. I think he will make it easier for Roman to be an unlikeable figure.”

On what impresses him about FTR as a tag team: “They’re very talented. They know who they’re patterning themselves after – it’s not like when guys compare them to us, they’re the first ones to say ‘You’re 100 percent right.’ They don’t deny it. They’ve copied our thought process more so than the actual move set, it’s the thought process. It’s the being a team and truly understanding where your partner is at all times. If you get in trouble, he’s just an arms reach away. That’s ring positioning and cutting the ring off and isolating the opponent in your half of the ring so that if you do get in trouble, you’re just a tag away. Those guys have perfected it, and they’re a lot more athletic than Tully or I will ever be, that’s for sure. That’s just evolution of the entire crew of these young wrestlers in any company you want to pick out – you like at them athletically and go ‘I couldn’t have even thought of that or pictured that in my mind, much less pulled it off.'”

On a potential dream match between FTR and the Brain Busters: “As far as us wrestling them, I’d like to think that one advantage we might have is we were a little nastier – our thought process was a little more vicious and I have no problem kicking a guy’s knee out from under him, punting him in the head, anything we had to do to gain an advantage. Tully didn’t have a problem with it either. These guys have a skill set that is beyond ours, I just don’t know if they have that nasty, vicious frame of mind that we have, and that would be our advantage. Theirs would be the advantage that they’re just technically more sound than we are.”

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