Arn Anderson Discusses How Vince McMahon and WWE Viewed Former WCW Employees, His Toughest Opponents In The Ring

In a recent edition of ARN, Arn Anderson discussed how Vince McMahon and WWE viewed WCW wrestlers, his toughest opponents in the ring, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Arn Anderson on WWE’s narrative of WCW and how Vince McMahon viewed WCW wrestlers: “WCW was a company that for the longest time was not even recognized by WWE as being a thing. You didn’t mention it, you didn’t talk about it, nobody referred to it. It didn’t exist. Then when things heated up and it became a war and the success WCW had and the pressure and embarrassment and the comments coming – ‘We’re gonna put you outta business’ and the insults that fly during a war – war is not a pretty thing. And the pressure I’m sure Vince had financially at some point and the company was not doing well and they were getting their ass kicked and all the aggravation he had never suffered with – now he was having to deal with it. We forever became ‘You WCW guys.’ Even though he did win the war and he came out of it looking good and crushed all the competition – once we walked in the door and they hired us, most of us never felt like we were part of WWE. We were just guys under his employment and it was ‘You WCW guys’ and that’s how we were referred to. You were always on the outside looking in. I never felt like I was actually in the inner circle, which I was never worried about that from an office standpoint. I did have a good relationship with the talent, but you were never quite comfortable with just being part of WWE.”

On his toughest and most physical opponents during his wrestling career: “Ronnie Garvin was tough. He would stretch you with just his damn feet – wasn’t even using his arms. But it was a real physical match. Road Warriors were a very physical match. Meng – very physical. Even though these guys weren’t reckless – they weren’t dropping you on your head – the contact was very physical. The Steiners – very physical. A lot of guys from that era were just very solid with their work and that would be some of them.”

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