Posted on 5/14/119 by Joseph Feeney

This week, Jeff & Shane welcome former ROH Producer & Social
Media guru Dave Lagana to the program!

We discuss his 1st exposure to ROH in 2003, his entry into
the production team, the ups and downs of creating "ROH on
HDNet", and everything that went into making that product.

We also delve into how his ROH time ended, a brief dip into
the TNA pool, and then a dive into the waters of the NWA
resurgence! We talk how Dave & Billy Corgan bought the NWA
& what that entailed, what differentiates it from the pack,
the Crockett Cup, and the future of not only the NWA, but
the general wrestling landscape as well!

Much thanks to Dave for squeezing us into his insane
schedule to make this happen, and joining us to explore some
of the uncharted waters of ROH's past!


An Honorable Mention Podcast is hosted by Jeff Schwartz &
Shane Hagadorn every Tuesday on the Creative Control

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