ALL ELITE WRESTLING RAMPAGE: Grand Slam results (F4wonline)

Posted on 9/25/121 by Colin Vassallo

Excalibur, Ricky Starks and Taz were the commentary team for
the night (Jericho would be here but he is wrestling later).

CM Punk defeated Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ Hook) (13:33)

Its clobberin time for the first time on free TV in seven
years, as CM Punk made his return to wrestling on
television. Punk started off fast with kicks to Hobbss legs
and forearms, but Hobbs came back with punches of his own
and a rake to the face. Punk responded with a drop toehold
and more kicks to the leg. Punk hit a Russian leg sweep and
then gave Hook the finger. Punk went for the GTS early, but
Hook distracted Punk, Hobbs escaped and crushed Punk with a
crossbody for a near fall.

Hobbs slowed the pace down with a chinlock and forearms.
Hobbs literally whipped Punk from pillar to post. Punk slid
out of a suplex attempt and got a near fall with an OConner
roll, and Hobbs responded with a pounce-style bodyblock for
another near fall. Hobbs then stole the Mark Henry spot
where, while his opponent was prone on the ropes, Hobbs
jumped on their back and basically through the opponent to
the floor. This led to a quick in-picture ad break.

Back from the break, Hobbs punished Punk with a bearhug.
Punk broke the hold with right hands, and caught Hobbs with
a leg lariat and a swinging neckbreaker to regain the
momentum. Punk hit the charging knee in the corner and
short-arm clothesline. Punk then dropped a top rope elbow
for a near fall. The crowed chanted You still got it! for

Punk went for the GTS, but Hobbs counted it and maneuvered
Punk into a spinebuster for a near fall. Hobbs picked up
Punk for the Town Business, but Punk slid through and locked
in a sleeper. Hobbs started to fade, but he turned into Punk
and dropped him with a back suplex. Hobbs hit a stampede
powerslam, but it only got two. Hobbs went to the middle
rope, and made the mistake of doing the GTS taunt, which
gave Punk the time to recover and hit some forearms. Punk
went for a hurricanrana off the top, and although Hobbs
tried to block it, Punk powered Hobbs over and hit the move.
This got another near fall.

Punk went for the cross arm breaker, and then switched over
into a triangle choke, but Hobbs powered up and powerbombed
Punk for two. Hobbs and Punk began exchanging forearms in
the ring. Punk got the advantage and landed a roundhouse
kick to knock down Hobbs. Hook got up on the apron a second
time, and Punk went to confront him. Hobbs charged at Punk,
Punk ducked, and Hobbs collided with Hook, sending him to
the mat. Punk then hit the GTS on Hobbs and got the pinfall.
Great match!

- Quick recap of Thunder Rosa, Nyla Rose and Jade Cargill
feud and fallout from the All Out Casino Battle Royal.
Sounded like it's leading to a three way match.

Adam Cole & The Young Bucks (w/ Brandon Cutler & Luke
Gallows) defeated Christian Cage & Jurassic Express (w/
Marko Stunt) (10:56 aired)

Don Callis came out with the Bucks, then joined the crowded
commentary desk for this match. The Bucks and Cole are
officially known again as The Superkliq '' and made their
AEW Trios debut tonight. Man does this company need trios

Cole teased starting out with Cage, then immediately tagged
out to Matt Jackson. Christian dominated Matt early and got
a near fall with a back elbow off the middle rope. Jungle
Boy got the tag and he and Christian double-teamed the
Bucks. Matt hit Jungle Boy with a double chop to the throat.
The Bucks tried to double team Jungle Boy, but Jungle Boy
was able to get the advantage and send both Bucks out to the

Jungle Boy began to stare down Cole, and he chased Cole to
the floor and around the ring. Jungle Boy turned the corner
and ran right into a double superkick from the Bucks. Back
in the ring, Cole held Jungle Boy in a chinlock while the
Bucks ran the ropes. They both stopped to give Cole a kiss
on the cheek, then superkicked Jungle Boy as the show went
to a break.

Back from the break, Jungle Boy escaped the Bucks and got
the tag to Luchasaurus. Luchasarus went for a double
chokeslam on both Bucks, but Cole broke that up. Luchasarus
then chokeslammed Cole on top of one of the Bucks.
Luchasarus then grabbed Nick Jackson on the top rope and
chokeslammed him for a near fall. Luchasuarus had him by the
throat for the cover, but terrible referee Rick Knox didn't

The match broke down. Cole and one of the Bucks hit a double
superkick on Luchasarus. The Bucks went for More Bnag for
Your Buck on Jungle Boy, but he took Nick down with a top
rope hurricanrana, German suplexed Matt and Christian flew
in with a flying headbutt and Jungle Boy got a near fall. JB
went for the snare trap on Matt, but Luke Gallows distracted
him to break that up.

Tags were made on both side to Luchasaurus and Cole, but
soon all six men were in the ring and it was pure chaos.
Cole and Luchasaurus knocked each other out with pump kicks.
The Bucks, Christian and Jungle Boy all fought on the ramp.
Matt Jackson low blowed Christian and threw him off the ramp
to the floor. Then The Bucks dumped Christian to the floor
as well.

Back in the ring, Cole hit a shining wizard on Luchasaurus
for a near fall. Cole then hit the Panama Sunrise on
Luchasaurus, The Bucks hit the BTE trigger, and Cole
lowered the boom to get the three count.

After the match, Adam Cole and Jungle Boy stared each other

The Men of the Year (w/ Dan Lambert) defeated Chris Jericho
& Jake Hager (10:48 aired)

Even Taz shuts up on commentary so we can hear the 20,000
fans in the stadium. Ricky Starks points out that the song
the fans are singing is about Chris Jericho turning on the

Jericho and Scorpio Sky (who is the first man to pin Jericho
in an AEW ring) start out, and Jericho battered him with
chops and a back suplex. Jericho flipped off Page on the
apron, then battered Sky in the corner with a series of
clotheslines. Hager got the tag, fell victim to a
jawbreaker, and Page was able to get the tag. Page was
immediately hip-tossed by Hager. Hager followed up with a
belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Jericho got the tag
and Page kicked Jerichos head off. The show goes to a
picture in picture break while the Men of the Year are
dominating Jericho.

During the picture-in-picture, Hager got the tag and ran
wild on Page and Sky until Page tripped up Hager on the
apron, then flew off the apron to the floor with a shoulder
tackle. Back in the ring, Sky wore down Hager with a
chinlock. Sky hit a chop block on Hagers knee. Hager came
back with a clothesline on Page. Jericho and Sky got the hot
tags, and Jericho hit a springboard dropkick to knock Page
off the apron, then dropped Sky with a fist off the top
rope. Jericho hit the Lionsault for a near fall. Hager
tagged in a hit a huge beel and a Hager bomb for a near
fall. Hager got the ankle lock on Sky, and Jericho locked in
the Walls of Jericho, and thats the end of the first hour!

Hour 2 saw Lamberg get on the apron to distract the
babyfaces and break up the submission holds. Hager ran the
ropes and Lambert tripped him up, and this allowed Sky to
roll up Hager with a small package to get the pin!

After match, Hager took out the Men of the Year, Jericho
and Hager got their hands on Lambert. Then, emerging from
the crowd were the members of Americas top team. Junior
Dos Santos, Paige Van Zant, and Austin Vanderford, Andre
Arlovski and Dalton Rosta and Jorge Masvidal surrounded the
ring. They all attacked Jericho and Hager. Paige Van Zant
worked over Jericho with brass knuckle punches to the gut,
and then Jorge Masvidal hit a running knee to Jerichos
head, which took him out and busted him open. Great angle.

Lucha Bros & Santana & Ortiz (w/ Alex Abrahantes) defeated
Private Party & The Butcher & The Blade (w/ Matt Hardy &
Jack Evans) (5:55 aired)

Crazy brawl to start, that ended with all of the HFO on the
floor and all of the babyfaces hitting crazy over the top
dives to the floor on their opponents. Penta and Ortiz then
combine for a double team splash on Blade for a near fall.
Lots of insane double teams in and out of the ring. Private
Party hit Ortiz with a crazy flippling DDT on the floor.
Hardy then threatened to cut the hair of Ortiz. This brought
out Orange Cassidy. Jack Evans tried to cut him off at the
aisle, but ate the orange punch. The show went to another
quick break.

Back from break, Santana and Ortiz double teamed Blade.
Private Party got the tag in and Kassidy hit a crazy
neckbreaker/Stunner on Santana. Penta got the tag in and
took out Kassidy. Butcher came in and took out Penta. Fenix
hit the hook kick on Butcher, then got a pump kick from
Blade. Blade followed up with a flying clothesline and both
guys were down.

Quen went for the shooting star press on Santana, but
Santana avoided it and the Lucha Bros hit the Fear Factor on
Quen. Satnana and Ortiz followed up with the street sweeper
and Santana got the pin on Quen. This was insanity.

- Post match, Tony Schivone interviewed Matt Hardy, who
challenged Orange Cassidy to a hair v. hair match on behalf
of Jack Evans. "You better win, Jack." Jack looked less than
enthused about this.

- Sammy Guevara and Fuego Del Sol came out on the stage to
do Sammy's gimmick with the signs/cue cards, but Miro
attacked. Guevara got destoryed and Del Sol was beeled off
the stage and through some tables on the floor. Miro then
locked in the game over on Guevara. "The Next TNT Champ."
That card was torn up by Miro.

- Video package with Andrade El Idolo. He challenges Pac
again, this time without Chavo so Pac won't have an excuse
for losing.

Penelope Ford defeated Anna Jay (3:07 aired)

Jay attacked Ford on the entrance ramp before the bell. Ford
briefly got the advantage in the ring, but Jay dumped Ford
to the floor and whipped her into the post and barricade
around ringside. Back in the ring, Jay continued to dominate
and went for the sleeper. The Bunny came down the ramp and
distracted Jay, causing her to break the hold. This
distraction gave Ford the advantage. Ford choked Jay on the
ropes and the show went to a break.

Back from break, Ford and Jay were exchanging slaps. Jay
went for the sleeper again, but Ford broke it by backing Jay
into the corner. Bunny jumped up on the apron to distract
the ref, and at the same time throw brass knucks to Ford.
Ford hit Jay with knux and got the pin.

Post match, Ford and Bunny beat down Jay, and Tay Conti ran
in and tried to make the save. She got a brief advantage on
Ford, but Bunny stomped her back and Ford knocked out Jay
with the knuckles.

The Hardy Family Office came out to keep anyone from making
the save, and they stood with their backs to the ring.
Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander came out, and were backed
up by the Dark Order. All of the Dark Order. This 12 on 5
advantage for the babyfaces sent the HFO packing.

In the ring, Alex Reynolds and Preston Vance tried to
apologize to Evil Uno and Stu Grayson, but Stu and Uno left,
along with Colt Cabana. Although Cabana looked more confused
than committed to leaving with the other two. Nonetheless,
the divide within the Dark Order continues.

Update for Wednesdays Dynamite: Jungle Boy v. Adam Cole,
and Penelope Ford & The Bunny v. Anna Jay & Tay Conti. For
next Fridays Rampage: Orange Cassidy v. Jack Evans in the
hair versus hair match.

- Face to face, Mark Henry interviewed Suzuki Gun and
Moxley and Kingston. This broke down quickly. Archer thought
things were unfair in Cincinnati, but New York is Kingstons

Lil Uzi Vert was enjoying himself in the crowd. If that
means anything to you, you are probably much younger than

The lights went out to signify the end of the official card
and its time for the Lights Out Match.

Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston defeated Lance Archer and Minoru
Suzuki in a Lights Out Match (11:44 aired)

They started Kaze Ni Nare in the middle of song to make sure
the crowd got to sing along. We have about 16 minutes of TV
time remaining.

Archer brought out some plunder to the ring. The brawl
started on the floor. Moxley paired off with Suzuki and
Kingston with Archer. Suzuki and Moxley dueled with chairs
on the entrance ramp. Suzuki and Kingston then paired off in
the ring and there was a massive chant for Eddie. Kingston
hit a chop and Suzuki laughed it off before responding with
chops of his own. Kingston tooked Suzuki down and brought a
table in the ring. Suzuki booted Kingston through the table,
taking him out for a bit. Moxley and Archer in the ring, and
Archer took Moxley down with a boot.

Archer dropped to the floor and found four AEW young boys to
beat up. Like, where did they even come from? Archer then
chokeslammed Moxley from the ring apron to the pile of AEW
young boys (the commentators called them ring attendants)
on the floor.

Archer found a strap under the ring. Back in the ring,
Moxley and Suzuki exchanged forearms, then Archer hung
Moxley with the strap. The show went to its last commercial

Back from break, Archer and Suzuki have taped Moxleys arms
behind his back with duct tape, and they whipped Moxley with
the leather strap. Did Kingston go to get concessions or
something? Hes been gone forever, and I heard lines were
bad. Anyway, Suzuki worked over Moxley with a single crab,
and then Archer beat him about with a trash can lid.
Kingston finally came around but Archer cut him off on the

Suzuki and Archer kept working over Moxley in the ring.
Moxley made the mistake of spitting in Suzukis face, so he
punched him and tried to bite his head off. Literally.
Moxley couldn't defend himself because his hands were still
taped up. And just as I typed that, Moxley tried to go on
offense with headbutts. Kingston finally made it back in the
ring and took down Suzuki with an enziguri, then stunned
Archer with an eyepoke and the machine gun chops. Kingston
hit an exploder on Archer, but Suzuki got him in the
sleeper, and Archer followed up with a helicopter black hole

Suzuki set up chairs in the ring, and Archer set up Kingston
for a black hole slam. Before Archer could hit the move,
unfamiliar music played and the name Homicide was displayed
on the ramp. The baddest wrestler to ever come out of New
York, (according to Excalibur) Homicide ran in from the
crowd and attacked the heels, then cut Moxley free. This
allowed Moxley and Kingston to come back. Moxley hit a DDT
on Archer. Kingston put a trash can on Archers head, then
beat the can with a kendo stick for a full 30-40 seconds.
Kingston then got the pin.

Homicide is apparently in All Elite Wrestling, and Kingston,
Moxley, and Homicide celebrated to end the show.

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