ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: March 3 results (Wrestleview)

Posted on 3/04/121 by Colin Vassallo

Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur were the broadcast
team for tonights event.

Its Wednesday night and you know what that means!

Our opening match was a mega sized Mixed Tag Team Match!

The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes (with Arn Anderson) &
Red Velvet vs. Shaquille ONeal & Jade Cargill!

Shaq wont allow himself to be embarrassed here tonight.
This is not a joke to him, said Jim Ross of the 4x NBA

Cody and Shaq locked up with a collar and elbow tie up and
Shaq powered right out, pushing Cody halfway across the ring
and down to the mat! Shaq smacked his giant paw right across
Codys chest, and followed up with a back body drop!

Cody is in trouble here one on one with Shaq, said Jim

Jade tagged herself in, and Red Velvet came into the ring.
Jade booted Red Velvet in the midsection. Jade whipped Red
Velvet into the ropes and met her with a kick. Red Velvet
fought back with a big hook kick! Jade fired back and hurled
Red Velvet across the ring, using her leverage to her full
advantage. Red Velvet jumped off the top rope with a diving
cross body block but Jade countered it and then pie-faced
Cody in the corner! Cody ran across the ring and hit Shaq,
who went to the outside. Austin Gunn, sitting ringside,
whacked Shaq with a steel chair. Enraged, Shaq slammed
Austin Gunn, Colton Gunn, and QT Marshall of The Nightmare
Family on the arena floor!

Back in the ring, Jade Cargill applied the figure four
leglock on Red Velvet, smiling and flexing. Then Jade pulled
a table out from beneath the ring and set it up.

Maybe Jade has gone into business for herself, said Jim

Even Shaq looks surprised, added Tony Schiavone.

Red Velvet knocked down Jade and set up a second table,
placing it beside the first table. Red Velvet returned to
the ring and scored a kick to Jades face. Cody tagged in
and this brought Shaq back into the squared circle. Shaq
powerbombed Cody! But Shaq walked right into Codys strike
and then Cody body slammed Shaq!

Jade and Red Velvet began to trade offense in the center of
the ring again. Jade hit a spinebuster on Red Velvet. Cody
broke up the pin, sprinted across the ring and tackled Shaq.
Codys force cause both men to crash through the tables set
up at ringside earlier by Jade and Red Velvet! Red Velvet
speared Jade! Red Velvet was countered and then Jade
pancaked her face first and scored the pin for her team!

Shaq is laid out at ringside, said Excalibur.

After the commercial break, Shaq was loaded into an

Several moments later Tony Schiavone went to get an update
on Shaqs condition and knocked on the ambulance door. When
he opened it, Shaq was nowhere in sight!

PAC & Rey FenixTwo-thirds of The Death Triangle Vs. John
Skyler and D3!

PAC and Rey Fenix were looking to make short work of Skyler.
PAC elevated over the top rope and down onto D3! PAC
exploded with the 450 splash onto Skyler. Rey Fenix tagged
in and sat down with a powerbomb for the victory!

Up Next: Demo God Chris Jericho and MJFs REVOLUTION Press

They were accompanied by Wardlow, Santana, and Ortiz of the
Inner Circle. The media (including Conrad Thompson from
Grillin J.R., Eric Bischoff from the 83 Weeks podcast, and
representatives from Barstool Sports) was present to ask
questions. It was moderated by Dasha.

With all the accolades that I have, remember I am also a
seven-time world tag team champion, and its time for me and
MJF to beat the hell out of The Young Bucks this Sunday at
REVOLUTION, just like we did to Papa Buck, said Jericho.

Im sick of everyone trying to make Papa Buck a martyr. It
was self-defense. He attacked my partner last week and he
got his backyard blood on my custom suit! said MJF.

Eric Bischoff had a question: Do you know the condition of
Papa Buck, Chris, and in your list of stupid ideas, where
does motivating The Young Bucks to come at you with
vengeance rank?

We dont know his condition and we dont care, replied

The Young Bucks music hit and they stepped onto the stage
with their tag titles!

We knew you pricks would hurt our friends, but we had no
idea youd harm our father. You made this thing personal,
said Nick Jackson.

Our dad is the greatest father in the world. He taught us
about faith, family, love. Chris, MJF, he did all the things
your fathers failed to teach you. He taught us to dream big
and he built a wrestling ring in our backyard with his bare
hands when we were kids. That DIY spirit is what created The
Young Bucks and Being the Elite. Hell, thats what helped
create this very company. Without our dad there would be no
Young Bucks, and thered probably be no AEW. Without AEW,
MJFyoud still be waiting for a call back from the Rosie
ODonnell Show, and Chris, youd probably be jerking the
curtain at the PC tonight. He also taught us to stand up for
ourselves, said Matt Jackson.

The Bucks superkicked MJF and Jericho! The Good Brothers
came out and set up a table on the stage. Nick Jackson
jumped off the top of the entrance tunnel onto Ortiz on the
table! Matt Jackson did a stage dive onto Santana through a
ringside table!

Its a human demolition starring The Young Bucks! said Jim

Tully Blanchard & FTRCash Wheeler & Dax Harwood
(accompanied by JJ Dillon!) vs. Jurassic ExpressJungle Boy,
Luchasaurus, & Marko Stunt!

Tully pushed Marko into FTRs corner and got a few stiff
shots in on Marko. Dax and Jungle Boy both tagged in. Dax
chopped away at Jungle Boy and followed up with body shots.
Jungle Boy rallied back and after several leap frogs he
connected with a high dropkick to Dax, and then a German
release suplex on Cash! He applied the snare trap on Dax but
Cash pulled Jungle Boy out of the ring. With the referee
distracted, JJ Dillon slipped his shoe to Dax who then
smacked Jungle Boy with it for a near fall!

Tully tagged in and took it to Jungle Boy, dropping him with
a big right hand!

This one is red hot, folks, said Jim Ross.

Luchasaurus tagged in and exploded with big right kicks to
Dax and Cash! Marko ran in and Luchasaurus slammed him onto
Tully! Luchasaurus double suplexed Dax and Cash! He tried to
shoulder ram Harwood but Harwood dodged it, sending
Luchasaurus shoulder first into the ring post! On the
outside, Cash blasted Luchasaurus with a swinging DDT onto
the arena floor!

Cash hit an Everest suplex onto Jungle Boy! Tully Blanchard
scored the slingshot suplex on Marko! Luchasaurus nailed
Tully with a tail whip! At ringside, someone in black
interfered. FTR used the spike piledriver and Tully pinned

After the match, as FTR celebrated, the masked man entered
the ring again and revealed himself to be Shawn Spears! They
held up four fingers. Arn Anderson appeared from the
entrance tunnel and held up a four finger salute to them!

And appearing for the first time in AEWPaul Wight!

Tony welcomed Paul Wight to AEW. Paul said how happy he was
to be here in AEW.

Paul mentioned the all-new show, AEW DARK: ELEVATION,
debuting on AEWs official YouTube channel on Monday, March
15th, where he will be calling all the action with Tony

Starting out on TNT, and now getting the chance to come
back to TNT, its a privilege. And just so you know that Im
taking this announcing job seriously, I have a scoop for
you, Tony. I have the biggest scoop ever. This Sunday at
EVOLUTION, AEW is going to hire, and put in contract, a hall
of fame worthy talent, a huge asset, and its not who you
think! Tune in this Sunday to find out who it is! AEWs next
major signing!

Womens World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals!

United States Bracket Winner The Native Beast Nyla Rose
(with Vickie Guerrero) vs. Japan Bracket Winner Ryo

The winner tonight earns a world title match against Hikaru
Shida this Sunday at REVOLUTION 2021!

Ryo and Nyla locked up with Nyla powering her opponent to
the ropes. Ryo peppered Nyla with stiff shots. Nyla fired
back with forearms. Ryo came back with her own strikes.

Both wrestlers looking for that big knock out shot, said
Jim Ross.

Ryo dropped Nyla with a wicked clothesline but Nyla kicked
out at the one-count! Nyla followed up with a rolling

Nyla Rose trying to get directly back to the title picture
by winning this match, said Jim Ross.

Nyla attempted a senton off the top rope but Ryo rolled out
of the way. She speared Nyla to the midsection, knocking her
to the outside. Nyla stood back up on the ring apron but Ryo
swept her leg. Ryo used a vicious leg drop onto Nyla! Ryo
hit a splash off the ropes as Nyla made it back in before
ref Aubrey Edwards counted her out.

Nyla and Ryo traded heavy shots. Ryo blocked a clothesline
with one of her own, but then Nyla shut her down with a
Death Valley Driver! Ryo kicked out at two! Nyla hung Ryo on
the top rope and crashed down off the top with her diving
knee drop! Ryo kicked out at the two-count!

Man, this is a battle, said Jim Ross.

Nyla attempted the Beast Bomb but Ryo fought out and
connected with an exploder suplex on Nyla! Ryo climbed to
the top rope but Nyla met her up there and superplexed her
back down to Earth! Somehow Ryo managed to find her second-
wind and speared Nyla! Ryo hit the guillotine leg drop and
pinned Nyla!

Shida presented Ryo with the trophy and congratulated her
after the match. Ryo surprised Shida with a forearm! Shida
answered with forearms of her own and knocked Ryo down to
her knees. Shida help up her AEW Womens Championship belt
in front of Ryo.

Tony Schiavone was in the ring to interview Sting!

It began to snow in Jacksonville as Sting made his way to
the ring!

Sting, Ive known you many years and youve never looked
better. Youre prepared for the street fight against Team
Taz this Sunday at REVOLUTION, said Tony Schiavone.

I feel like Im ready for a street fight! said Sting.

Absolute Ricky Starks interrupted Sting: Last week you
tore this ring up and Im man enough to admit I saw
something we havent seen in a long time from you, and
thats fire, and Sting, youve still got it. But I still
stand behind what I said and that is you are no icon, said
Starks, as he slapped Sting!

Sting beat Starks out of his shoes and then hit him with a
clothesline and the Stinger splash! Sting applied the
Scorpion Deathlock to Starks! Powerhouse Hobbs pulled Starks
out of the ring. Tazs son, Hook, tried to assault Sting but
Sting pushed him away. Brian Cage jumped into the ring and
attempted to powerbomb Sting but Darby Allin showed up!
Darby jumped on Cages back, knocking Sting free of Cages
grasp. Darby blasted Cage with the shotgun dropkick! Team
Taz exited the ring to regroup.

Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier!

The Dark Orders 10 (with -1 accompanying him to the ring)
vs. Platinum Max Caster of The Acclaimed!

Scorpio Sky joined the commentary team for this match.

10 clotheslined Max and knocked him back down with a running
shoulder tackle.

10 is turning up the offensive heat, said Jim Ross.

10 hit another clothesline, sending Max over the top rope
and onto the arena floor. 10 charged at Max but Max moved
out of the way and pushed 10 into the metal ring post! He
followed up with a basement dropkick.

10 backdropped Max and then brought the spine on the pine.
10 speared Max through the center strand for a near fall.
Out of nowhere, Max executed a brainbuster on 10! He went up
top for the Claim to Fame but 10 figured out what was going
on and got out of the way! 10 powerbombed Max but Max got
his boot onto the bottom rope to break the pin attempt.

Jack Evans of TH2 was hiding under the ring! He popped out
and blasted 10 with the boombox! Max quickly pinned 10 after
Evans sneak attack. Matt Hardy was waiting at the top of
the ramp and handed Jack Evans an envelope of cash.

In an interview from earlier in the day, Miro said he would
give the people what they want: destruction. And this Sunday
at REVOLUTION, itll be Miro and Kip Sabian vs. Orange
Cassidy and Chuck Taylor! Game over! he said!

Main Event Time!

Hangman Adam Page & Dark Orders John Silver vs. Matt
Hardy & Marq Quen (of Private Party)!

Silver overpowered Marq with a single leg takedown. In the
corner, Matt Hardy snuck a kidney shot at Silver. Hardy
tagged in and had a headlock on Silver. Hangman Page
tagged in and Hardy wanted no part of it and tagged out to
Marq Quen! Page took the boots and stomped a mudhole into
Marq Quen!

Soon Big Money Matt got involved again. Hardy hit a side
effect on John Silver on the ring apron! Quen tagged in and
stomped on John Silver. Matt Hardy jumped off the second
turnbuckle but John Silver blocked him and followed through
with a standing sliced bread! Silver tagged Page and Hardy
tagged out to Quen. Page planted Quen spine-first on the
mat! Page used a fallaway slam on Quen and then jumped over
the top rope with a body press onto Hardy! Page used a Death
Valley Driver on Quen in the center of the ring! Page threw
Quen at Hardy, wanting Hardy to tag in, but Hardy refused.

Quen caught Page with a dropkick to the knees and then Hardy
tagged in, smelling blood in the water. Page countered the
Twist of Fate with a back suplex! John Silver tagged in and
speared Matt Hardy! Silver countered the Twist of Fate with
a back slide. He followed up with a brainbuster on Hardy but
Hardy kicked out at the two-count!

Silver was guillotined over the top rope by Quen. Hardy
tagged Quen and Quen hit a massive dropkick on Silver. Page
tagged in and blasted Quen with a pop-up powerbomb and then
the buckshot lariat for the three-count! Matt Hardy attacked
Page and Silver with a microphone after the match!

The Dark Order rushed from the back and descended upon Matt
Hardy! The rest of the teams from this Sundays upcoming
Casino Battle Royal sprinted to the ring and all hell broke

The people are beating the hell out of each other here! Can
you imagine what itll be like this Sunday on pay-per-view
at REVOLUTION? asked Jim Ross.

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