ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: Kenny Omega wins AEW World titleto appear on Impact Wrestling next week!

Posted on 12/03/120 by Colin Vassallo

Theres a new sheriff in town for All Elite Wrestling and
his name in Kenny Omega. Omega gave Moxley his first loss in
AEW last night on Dynamite, albeit with some little help,
and became the new AEW World champion.

Impact Wrestlings Don Callis was once again on commentary
to see his childhood friend Omega become champ but Callis
did more than just commentary. Towards the end of the match
when Omega seemed hurt, Callis grabbed the microphone and
ran to ringside and tried to explain to the referee that
Omega was hurt.

Moxley didnt want to hear any of it and decked Callis, with
the microphone conveniently dropping close to Omega. Omega
then clocked Mox with the mic on his head, busting him open
and delivered a few V-Trigger knee strikes before hitting
the One Winged Angel finisher for the three count.

After the match, Callis and Omega ran through the backstage
area, or as Schiavone put it, fleeing the scene of the
crime, and were met by Alex Marvez outside before they
headed in a waiting car.

Callis told Marvez that they will explain everything on
Tuesday nighton Impact Wrestling on AXS TV!

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