ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: Brandi Rhodes leaves Twitter after AEW Heels backlash

Posted on 8/09/120 by Colin Vassallo

Brandi Rhodes, the AEW Chief Brand Officer, has disabled her
Twitter account following several criticism from fans
regarding the launch of AEW Heels, a membership platform
designed for female wrestling fans.

Fans tore into Brandi, who is heading the project, for the
$50 a year membership fee when the womens division in the
company continues to lack and the latest Deadly Draw womens
tournament was placed on YouTube rather than having matches
every week on Dynamite.

Brandis husband and AEW EVP Cody said that this is a fun
project and the company is completely behind it. Doing
something and making moves to push the division further as
we grow is paramount, and will always be better than not
trying at all, Cody wrote replying to a fan on Twitter who
asked why would he pay $50 a year when they barely feature

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