ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TNT: AEW Dynamite September 1 results

Posted on 9/02/121 by Bob Magee

Tonight's 100th episode of AEW Dynamite is the final edition
of the show before Sunday's All Out PPV.

In a preview of Sunday's Tag Team title steel cage match,
AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks and The Good
Brothers will face Lucha Brothers and Jurassic Express in an
eight-man tag. The Bucks defend against Lucha Brothers in a
cage at All Out.

FTR will return to action, taking on Santana and Ortiz. This
is a rematch from the July 28 Dynamite, where Cash Wheeler
suffered an arm injury and the bout ended earlier than
planned. FTR came away with the victory in that matchup.

CM Punk will appear live in Chicago tonight ahead of his All
Out match with Darby Allin.Before Chris Jericho and MJF face off on Sunday with
Jericho's in-ring career on the line, Jericho will have an
in-ring interview with Jim Ross on tonight's episode.
Likewise, MJF will sit down with Tony Schiavone.

Former Team Taz member Brian Cage will face current Team Taz
member Powerhouse Hobbs. Orange Cassidy will take on TH2's
Jack Evans.

Penelope Ford will face Tay Conti. Ford cost Conti a match
against The Bunny on last week's Rampage to set up this

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Santana & Ortiz defeated FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler)
(w/ Tully Blanchard)

This was slightly disappointing. By my estimation, these two
teams still haven't come close to their potential greatness
against each other.

FTR were in Bobby Eaton tribute gear while Santana & Ortiz
came out in face paint. Dax and Santana started off. They
performed chain wrestling before trading big chops in the
center of the ring. It quickly broke down into a free-for-
all, where Santana and Ortiz clotheslined their opponents to
the floor before following it up with double topes. They whipped FTR into the barricade, where Santana hit a
cannonball senton off Ortiz's back. Ortiz maintained control
back in the ring until Cash got a blind tag, allowing him to
surprise Ortiz by repeatedly sending him shoulder-first into
the post. FTR continued to beat down Ortiz with frequent
tags and double teams.

Cash ripped the turnbuckle pad off the corner while the
official was distracted. FTR tried to use that as a weapon,
but Santana stopped them before Ortiz made a comeback with a
dropkick. Cash cut him off, but Ortiz quickly recovered with
a lariat, allowing him to reach Santana for the hot tag.

Santana made a one-man comeback against both of FTR. He hit
the Three Amigos suplexes on Dax before the frog splash
followed for two. Santana and Ortiz hit a double team
wheelbarrow cutter and a German suplex, but Cash broke up
the pin. Ortiz rolled up Dax, but Dax kicked out, sending
Ortiz into a right hand from Cash.

Dax hit the spike brainbuster, which finished their first
match, for a good near fall. FTR went for a combo
brainbuster, but Santana speared Dax out of the way,
allowing Ortiz to reach Santana. They hit an inside-out
suplex for two. Santana and Ortiz went for the Street
Sweeper, but Dax broke it up and Cash hit a Gory Special
facebuster for two.

There was some miscommunication until Dax hit a superplex
followed by the Big Rig. Santana broke up the pin with a
dive in a good near fall. Santana hit a rolling cutter,
Ortiz hit a lungblower, Santana hit a thrust kick, and they
hit another double team inside-out suplex for the win.


Daniel Garcia was flanked by 2point0. The tag team hyped up
their "son," Garcia before the latter said he'd twist Darby
Allin's body and hurt him in ways he couldn't imagine.

**********CM Punk promo

Punk said he was happy to be here. He's going to soak up all
the love while he can, because this Sunday, it could all
end. "You still got it!" chant.

Daniel Garcia and 2point0 interrupted and attacked. Punk
briefly fought them off but was overwhelmed until Darby
Allin and Sting came out to even the odds. They all hit
their finishers, including a GTS from Punk.

Punk and Allin faced off in the center of the ring. Sting
was about to speak, but Punk removed one of the 2point0
members to give him the floor. Sting said he's always wanted
to share a ring with Punk, but their paths never crossed. It
felt good to see a Go To Sleep right before his eyes. All
three men want this Punk vs. Allin match to happen.

Sting said he knows both men are ready. When they collide,
it's gonna be showtime.

Excalibur clarified that Sting won't be at ringside for the
match at All Out.


A Kenny Omega vs. Christian Cage video package played. All
the broadcast talent offered their thoughts. Paul Wight
closed by saying All Out might be the worst night of Omega's

MJF sit-down interview

Schiavone called MJF the most "disgusting and despicable"
individual he's ever met. MJF brought up all of Chris
Jericho's nicknames: four decades on top of professional
wrestling. He said Jericho will be forever etched in the
Mount Rushmore of wrestling, but when it's all said and
done, MJF will take his place.

Jericho's got big shoes to fill, but like Muhammad Ali
coming back for one too many fights, Jericho's on a
downwards spiral. Just like Ali, Jericho's an addict; he
needs the spotlight. That's why Jericho put his career on
the line. At All Out, MJF will end one of the greatest runs
in professional wrestling. It's poetic that the same
yearning that brought Jericho to the dance will be the
reason the music dies.


Orange Cassidy defeated Jack Evans (w/ Matt Hardy)

Hardy jumped Orange before the bell and was immediately
ejected. Evans hit a cyclone kick right away before keeping
up the fight with some acrobatics and springboards. Orange
avoided a corner elbow and hit a flying DDT for two. Evans
avoided the Orange Punch but was taken out with a tope

Back in the ring, Orange hit a diving crossbody and a
Michinoku Driver for two. Orange hit his weak kicks before
we got about 15 standing switches. They eventually broke and
Orange climbed the ropes, but Evans cut him off and they
battled up top as we went to a commercial.The match somehow ended during commercial break with a small
package from Orange.

Hardy attacked after the match. Chuck Taylor and Wheeler
YUTA came out to make the save, but the rest of Hardy Family
Offices overwhelmed the Best Friends with a numbers
advantage. Jurassic Express ran out to send H.F.O. packing.


Eddie Kingston addressed Miro's status as God's favorite
champion. Miro came back by saying the Mad King will realize
that redemption only comes after agony. "This is the word of
the redeemer."


A Jon Moxley vs. Satoshi Kojima video promo played.


Chris Jericho in-ring interviewJim Ross sounded like he was about to cry introducing
Jericho. "Welcome to Chicago is Jericho!"

Jericho said he started his main event journey in this
business 22 years ago in Chicago. JR was the one who
recruited him to start that journey. JR asked why Jericho
chose such an extreme stipulation for his match with MJF.
Jericho started out with this: "MJF? You are a piece of
sh*t." However, he's diabolical and arrogant like Jericho,
and all MJF has over Jericho are three victories.

The reason Jericho's in AEW is that he can never be
complacent. There was never a guarantee they'd succeed, but
here they are, on Episode 100, as the hottest wrestling
company in the world today. Jericho could stick around for a
lot longer, but every time he'd look in the mirror, he'd
think "You couldn't beat MJF."

But you know what? Jericho doesn't want it to be the end. He
wants more. He doesn't want it to stop, and that's why he
has to take the chance. If something goes wrong on Sunday,
and his journey ends right where he began it in Chicago, so
be it. He will move to the commentary desk and he will thank
everyone for their support.

Jericho said MJF would not take this away from him. If MJF
wants to take Jericho out, he's going to have to be the best
he's ever been. That's not going to happen, because he's
Chris Jericho. MJF doesn't have what it takes to get rid of
him. "I'll see you on Sunday at All Out, you little prick."


Darby Allin addressed CM Punk. Punk was his favorite
wrestler as a kid, but Punk's already overlooking him. He's
going to beat Punk in Chicago, or die trying.

**********Taz joined commentary for this match.

Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ HOOK) defeated Brian Cage

Cage attacked during Hobbs' entrance, sending him hard into
the barricade. The match finally got started, and Hobbs
powdered to the floor. A distraction from HOOK allowed Hobbs
to cut Cage off with an elbow drop upon re-entry to the
ring. Cage got some breathing room, but Hobbs took him out
with a lariat ahead of a break.

Once back, Hobbs mocked Cage, who came back with a
flatliner. Cage hit a flurry of strikes and an exploder
suplex for two. Both men traded finisher attempts until
Hobbs hit a big spinebuster for two. Cage came back with a
rising knee and an F-5 followed by an outside-in vertical

HOOK hopped on the apron and distracted the official as
Ricky Starks ran out and hit Cage with the FTW Championship.
Hobbs then hit the Oklahoma Stampede for the win.


Malakai Black has given Lee Johnson seven days to atone for
his involvement at the end of last week's Dynamite.

**********QT Marshall and the Factory were in the ring. QT called out
Paul Wight.

Wight came out and was taken out by the Factory until he
exploded out of the corner, sending everyone flying. He hit
a chokeslam on one of the jobbers and swatted Aaron Solow
out of the air. The Gunn Club came out to even the odds.

As it looked like the segment was about to end, Billy Gunn
struck Wight with a chair. He and his sons stood over Wight
as QT looked on, stunned. The Factory members re-entered the
ring, allowing QT to hit an assisted Diamond Cutter on


Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. announcement

Baker announced that Rebel and Jamie Hayter would be in the
Casino Battle Royale at All Out. She will defend against one
of them when they eventually win. She was about to announce
some "free agent" news, but that news was just that Baker's
going to be around a lot. As part of contract negotiations,
Baker asked that Kris Statlander be part of a handicap match
on Rampage this week.


Tay Conti defeated Penelope Ford (w/ The Bunny)Conti hit an apron crossbody on both women before the bell.
She hit repeated judo throws on Ford once the bell rang and
turned a backbreaker into a roll-up for two. A pump kick
from Conti got two more. She sprung to the top rope, but
Ford pushed the ropes, sending Conti to the mat ahead of

Once back, Ford hit a handspring spear, but Conti came back
with a spinning slam for two. Ford went for the Muta Lock,
but Conti fought out and applied a calf slicer. Ford fought
to reach the ropes. Conti hit repeated corner strikes, but
Ford countered with a double knee gutbuster for two.

Ford distracted the official and Bunny got involved, but
Conti pushed Bunny off the apron and rolled up Ford for the

After the match, Ford and Bunny attacked Conti, but the
Dark Order's music played and the returning Anna Jay chased
them off. She will be part of the Casino Battle Royale.


Thunder Rosa was asked about her chances at winning the
Casino Battle Royale, but Nyla Rose and Jade Cargill showed
up. Rosa said she'd go down swinging and attacked Rose, but
both of them beat her down. Rose and Cargill faced off, but
their respective managers cooled them down.


AEW Rampage lineup:

CM Punk speaks
Darby Allin vs. Daniel Garcia
Malakai Black vs. Lee Johnson
Kris Statlander vs. Rebel & Jamie Hayter
Miro speaks

Next Wednesday on Dynamite:

Jon Moxley's Homecoming
All Out:

Buy-In: Jurassic Express & Best Friends vs. H.F.O
AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Christian Cage
AEW Women's Championship: Britt Baker (c) vs. Kris
AEW World Tag Team Championships Steel Cage: Young Bucks (c)
vs. Lucha Bros.
TNT Championship: Miro (c) vs. Eddie Kingston
Women's Casino Battle Royale
Paul Wight vs. QT Marshall
Jon Moxley vs. Satoshi Kojima
The Final Fight: MJF vs. Chris Jericho

A video package played hyping MJF vs. Chris Jericho. It
focused on Jericho's career.


Don Callis joined commentary for this match.

The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) & The Good
Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) (w/ Brandon Cutler)
defeated The Lucha Bros (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fnix) &
Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus)

This was excellent.Gallows and Luchasaurus started off. The big men traded
strikes in the corner before Luchasaurus hit a nice vertical
suplex. Fnix and Nick tagged in with a nice exchange before
tagging in their elder brothers. The two teams faced off,
but the Good Brothers ran in and cut the Lucha Bros off
ahead of a break.

During the break, Jungle Boy was powerbombed on the apron.
He made a comeback and reached Fnix for the tag. Fnix
fought off Anderson before hitting his step-up springboard
arm drag on Nick. Penta hit a thrust kick in the
cornerfollowed by his missile dropkick to the posterior, but
Matt broke up the pin attempt.

Nick hit an Ultimo Dragon tijeras arm drag combination
before kicks from all four title competitors led to everyone
down. Luchasaurus and Anderson tagged in and the big man hit
strikes followed by a German. He sent Gallows to the floor
and cut off a Nick springboard, sending him onto the Good
Brothers out on the floor. He then assisted Jungle Boy on a
great tornillo outside.

Luchasaurus hit a chokeslaam and a standing moonsault on
Anderson for two. Penta tagged in and the Lucha Bros set up
for the Fear Factor, but the official was distracted and
Cutler sprayed cold spray in Fnix's eyes. The Good Brothers
hit a Magic Killer on Fnix for a good near fall.

Fnix countered a BTE Trigger and hit a double handspring
cutter on both Bucks. He fought off the Good Brothers, but
the Bucks caught a crossbody and hit the Meltzer Driver for
the win.

After the match, Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa walked
out. They beat up on the babyfaces while Omega taunted them
all. The Good Brothers sent Luchasaurus through a table with
a Magic Killer.

Christian Cage ran out and attacked Omega, but he was
overwhelmed. Omega called for the cage to be lowered as the
Elite continued to beat on their respective PPV opponents
with kendo sticks.

Dante Martin, Frankie Kazarian, and Orange Cassidy ran out
to try to get into the cage. The Elite fended them off with
kendo sticks and cold spray. They handcuffed the Lucha Bros
to the ropes and hit repeated thrust kicks. They then hit a
BTE Trigger on Christian. This was a hot angle to close the show, and it established
that nobody gets in or out of the cage.

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